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Jesus is King

Good reminder this morning.
Speaker: Chris Dow. Today concluded a four-week exploration of what it means for Jesus to be our Savior, Lord, Shepherd, and King. This morning, we examined what it means for Jesus to be our King and why we have so much difficulty surrounding the throne of our life to Him.

* Duration 41:02, Published 8/4/14 3:59:35 PM

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Goal–not Resolutions

Home safe from the Christmas trip,  I’m ready to state some 2014 goals.  I’m trying to work from small, action items… for my own good.

● The serial that my friend and I are working on. Edit what we have and record some of it in January.

●Finish my personal WhoScarf

● The Practical-Magic-Fight-Club-Supernatural story, get at least into the second act by March, via 250 word-per-day chain.

●design my craft-styluses

● get a design outline on my productivity suite by February

●Design the web app for work

● be judged ready for parenthood.

● get my office straight at home

● Find the right furniture for the front room, couch, shelves, hall tree.

It’s a longer to-do list than I thought I had. Well, I still aim for them.

Sometimes I don’t know if I don’t have real ambitions or I still haven’t found them quite yet. Or if just existing has gone on too long and I can’t quite feel them the same way. I know this: there is a lot of joy and imagination in me and more than just a sidekick in my soul. I have been given a great gift in the past year, coming home, meeting lovely people, finding a job, having some clarity again. The future is so very open and I am excited to meet it.

I do I hope everyone who reads this finds at least as great a blessing as I have in 2014.

New Idea. I’m Excited!

My BFF (can adults type that? I’m typing that.) had a GREAT IDEA, and we’re running with it.  We’ve been wanting to work on some fiction or a podcast together for a while (I have, and when I say we then I feel less alone), and this one will be it.  Decided.  I need to get a site together for it!  It’s so exciting!


Got that out of my system.

We’ve been talking for a long time about getting serious and buckling down and really putting out something that can exhibit all our talents and give our random working together a goal other than just amusing ourselves (which is usually it). We hope to go into hard edits and production in January.  Means I’ll probably have to buy a better headset and mic setup.

So, we’re still playing with format and doing rough drafts. The plan is to go into production after New Year’s and start posting when we’ve got enough that we won’t immediately get behind if something comes up. Stay tuned for more info as it comes.

Really Lame Link List Post (Podcasts)

I listen to way too many podcasts, I should probably listen to fewer.

In an effort to organize this and point out how ridiculously many I subscribe to… the list of what I’ve been listening too (with links!):

[To be continued]

What’s up Now

I’ve got two bit parts coming up in the Geek By Night podcast. Other than that, I’ve been fairly non-creative.

I really, really need to get the pictures off my phone of the sweaters that I finished. They came out well and I gave the cowlneck to my mom.

The house is finally coming together– by which I mean I’m finally pretty much box free. Only a year, wow.

Graphics-wise it has been a total no-show. I got bored with livejournal for the most part and therefore icons as well. I’ve played with a few layouts, but nothing to write home about. I’ve actually been pretty web-free that way. I’m thinking about doing a new fictional blog to get a feel for a character I’ve been thinking about and I’m trying to decide if I should go with wordpress or a tiddlywiki for it.

Gardening is now taking a chunk out of my day– I have many weeded areas to reform. Pics of those should come up if I get them off my phone the low-tech way soon.

On the writing front– I’ve neglected my prompts blog for over a month, and yet don’t feel as guilty as I might. Like I said, I’m thinking about the fictional blog. I’m still editing the NaNo novel– I think it needs an overhaul, but I don’t want to go too Kate Conner ripoff… or too Buffy ripoff, either. Working on my sidekicks novel and I have another idea mishmash percolating.

Now I need to get my finish on for one of them, huh?

We’re moved in… this is good.

I’ve also finally finished the scrap afgan. It’s garish but hey… my mom said she wanted it. Don’t know if it’s one of those things where your mom always wants your art projects or what, but except for the many-coloredness it is quite cool. I have also finished a hat-scarf set, a sweater for mom’s pup (pretty much like the other one I tried to make earlier that was just too, too large) and a holder with strap for my little awkwardly-shaped mp3 player. Pictures to follow (they’re on the other computer). Next projects: fuzzy socks, a scarf for husband (with neat cabling).

This semester, I’m taking a class on web design– which is helpful in spite of being remarkably elementary. I’ve been working on some graphical and non-graphical templates for basic webpages as practice. I think I’m going to learn a lot in the end from the whole thing.

Heavily graphical entry to come soon– I swear.

I’m also going to reawaken my podcast– I think. I’m trying to get all my creative-type habits started back up again.


The workman was here, and I didn’t get a lot of ‘real’ work done, but I got another logo idea, it’s not quite what I envisioned (the MWS/chair) one, but it keeps the original vision in my mind for future work. I wish I were a better ‘by hand’ artist, so I could just draw what I wanted. It’s hard to find a chair and a font just like what I want.

Still Killing Time.

I’ve been continuing with the random web thing.

I put out another podcast and I’m still working on content, form, and all that. I’m getting a little better at the editing and recording, I think. We’ll see.

My Duck Brand Duct Tape and I have been sealing up the screens so we can have a better chance of not getting deluged by bugs when I open the windows to let the beautiful weather in.

Craftwise: Still working on that afgan and trying to get some more ideas for fictions.

I really wish I could get a better handle on my heroine. I have this like schiziod thing going on where I think I’ve got three actuall heroines going on here. I need to take some time where I think and reorganize and get the stuff from last year’s NaNoWriMo together and start sifting.

I’m sorry this is so damned incoherent. I’ve been killing time on an epic scale lately.

I Did So MUCH Nothing, Though!

Okay, I’ve been sort of procrastinating like crazy as much as anything, but it was sort of projecty and crafty. I made a bunch of new images for a design for my personal blog. I scrapped most of them in the end, but they’re still worth having around. I did the redesign. I said ‘the hell with it’ and just put out a podcast. I worked (for some money) on getting things straightened out for someone else’s site…. and I revisited my 43 things, finished filling out my Yahoo 360, and Myspace (at the request of my cousin).

I did this while also running all the ‘keep life going’ errands that cropped up this week and trying to work in some editing and of course, more work on that afgan and major decluttering… I have SPRING FREAKIN’ FEVER!

In technical news… I did finally get my video camera out and test my theory. The memory stick lets me make videos I can burn to DVD, unlike the teeny tapes. I am a happy, happy camper.