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Holidays and After

What’s  going on? Well, holidays, that’s what. 

I’m also learning more about the javscript libraries that I’ve been avoiding as hard as I can. Reinventing the wheel is fine, but some angles I’ve come to need more immediate smoothing.  More importantly,  it will smooth making a chromeOS  application,  which is a newish concept for me. So far, Ember and PouchDB are looking like my new code-related BFFs.

Speaking of BFFs, mine just got a part in Jesus Christ Superstar out in her hometown area. So excited for her. If you’re in Concord, NC when they go, see her sing.

My life has been less exciting, but a little stressful. We’re finally settling in to trying to have a baby, and as adoption is our probable and long favored method, there’s paperwork and soul plumbing  involved. The questions you have to answer! Half-Vulcans (joke!) like me just don’t have those depths. Want child. Love child. Well… that sounda more like the Hulk, really, but whatever.

Even though I’m an adoptee, myself, I’m also a nerd. Therefore,  I started googling and reading all sorts of sources about it. I never felt specifically different. I never didn’t know I was adopted. I’ve never felt bad about it. 

Even infant adoptees seem to be negative about it. There is SO MUCH NEGATIVITY out there. Sometimes I feel like the very devil herself for wanting a child, for thinking about an international adoption,  for not wanting to make a child feel an outsider inntwo families. I can only speak for me, and I know that,  but if it’s possible, my child will be happy and part of her ‘real’ family for ever, and want for nothing.

So, North Carolina… don’t forget to cheer them on.

Cop Out Pic Spam

First Scan
My first scan on my anniversary present, the 3D printer and scanner. Tech is still young.


Happy Squirrel
Happy Squirrel

"New" bedroom with catsAll 3 catms on the new bed at once, without people to facilitate. Rarity.


The Crane, boss, the crane!
Spending some time at Evergreen park, of late. The pond is beautiful, and so was this super casual, gracefully awkward bird.
Hummingbird at Rest.
It’s insanely hard to get pictures of my deck bids, but she finally sat still for a moment.



Preliminary Design
This is more of the design work I got up to on my breaks. Husband’s Birthday and Christmas again.
The yellow blob? A gorgeous and fast wild finch, ON MY DECK!

Almost One Year In

I just realized that I’m almost one year in to our new life. It has been one heck of a year. There are still some things I’m debating on, but I can’t say life isn’t about a hundred percent improved.
The changes aren’t all the changes we thought they’d be, but I’m working at a job I like and so is my husband. We love right in the same town my family does. Our house is great. We finally have a new vehicle. Our debt is almost taken care of. I’m not bragging. God has just been good.

We’ve also lost loved ones and ridden right up to the edge of panic. God is just good. He saves you. He saved us.

The adoption we had been thinking about hasn’t come to pass. I’ve been adjusting to having less time for making and projects, and less energy to spare.

Really it seems more like less ability to pick what I really, really want. I’ve also fallen out of love with all three novels I was working on. I still love having something complete in my hands or brain, but my head keeps mocking me with procrastination and … I don’t  know.

I’ve been doing way too much navel gazing, lately.

So, I’m going to post a picture of the current state-of-the-project overtunic I’m making.

Picture post

The awesome and huge vintage doctor bag I found at the antique shop. The inside is nearly pristine!

A view from my chair of our new family room.




The deer that keep coming up out of Ferne Cliffe park into our street.


The Knit-along sweater I finally finished in time to wear to GenCon.

Two Completed Sweaters, One “Well, it tastes good” Candy Try.

I had been working on two sweaters, recently, one knit and one crochet (see previous entry), and now they’re done. They fit. The are cute… Cuter on a person than on my blocky doppelganger, not that I’m not totally thrilled with my dummy.  It is a TON OF HELP.  It also reminds me that my hips are a problem lately [haha, no… seriously… — Trish].

The first one is a crochet, the first in a while, and one that reminds me I LOVE TO DO LACE PATTERNS, they are so cool to see come together.  I’m going to have to do more.  Certainly, I’m going to have to make another one of these, maybe for mom, and maybe for my friend Jen.  I think the yarn I used might be discontinued, at least in this color, but the pattern is still easily found.

I absolutely love this, and can’t wait to wear it.


The blue sweater is the one I chose to make from my cashmere/merino yarn I got on sale at Craftsy.  This yarn works up so nicely and SO SOFT!  I have a rather unique way of holding the yarn, so this particular type twists and untwists on me, but I loved working with it once I got the hang of it.  I want to buy more next time there’s a good sale.

It’s too warm for now, but later…

I made a mistake in the yoke that meant I needed more yarn, but the lack of dropped rows in the top means I won’t need to wear anything under it, necessarily, and I like that.  I suck at heavy layers. I feel like a mummy.


The little piles of brown gunk are the second stage of my first attempt at making amaretto truffles. Once the cover-and-dip part happened, I got pulled away and pictures worthy of craftfail didn’t happen– but it tasted GREAT.

Earlier this year we were visiting the in-laws and we went to Uttica where we visited The Chocolate Shoppe. It was there that my husband had their truffles and he has been thinking of them ever since.  Some google this past weekend and voila I took some time off packing up the house to make it happen.  Taste-wise, it’s a hit.  Next time, though, more amaretto and smaller pots to work in for better dipping coverage.


Sweaters and Math

So what I’m doing right now is that I have two sweaters (with great yarn, one of which is discontinued, I think) that I had to quickly order an extra ball to finish. My math was just a tad off, somehow. The answer is to buy one more ball, always. Note to self!

The dark blue one is my sweater from the merino-cashmere yarn I got on sale late last year from the Craftsy sale site. It’s gorgeous and soft and I look forward to wearing the sweater. I probably would have been fine, except I stopped making the drop-stitch rows too soon, because of a misreading of the pattern I was using. So… I could have ripped back and tried this, or did what I did and went with the sure thing of an extra ball.






This other sweater is my crochet venture with Naturally Caron Spa in Sea Green and it is GORGEOUS and fantastic to work with. I picked it up on my last visit up north as something new and portable to take on the train. GORGEOUS, I have to add again. I managed to snag a ball of the right yarn on Amazon, rather than doing a quick redesign.




What I’m saying here is, again, buy an extra ball.

This is my yarn stash. I just played at making it more organized in a color-sense. I have a LOT Of blues.


Speaking of blues, I’m moving along on the spiffy cashmere-mix merino yarn that my husband bought for me.  I REALLY like working with it.  I’m going to be saving up to buy more of it, perhaps.


Last week wasn’t very productive, in my mind.  I shied away from my individual code projects or writing projects.  Fear of success/failure?  Probably so.  I’m also lazy.

The weather has finally turned toward spring, so that’s bound to inspire me in a lot of ways.  There’s yard work, and just so much to do when one can leave one’s own house to do it.  In the winter it’s all “House-car-destination-car-house” because I DO NOT GO OUT in that freezing stuff!

Watch out world… I’m coming!

New Tank and Filling My Mental Tank

Blue Tank Front
Blue Tank Front
Tank Back
Tank Back

I finished the “Jason X” tank.  I haven’t made the undersleeves, but I do plan to.  I’ve got a sweatshirt I’m thinking of repurposing for a tester.

I’m also working on getting a little more in shape.  Still.  I eyeroll myself.

Mainly, I’m trying to get this career thing off the ground.  I’m sending out revised resumes and trying to work on my projects and just… generally trying to get in gear now that I’m home.  I want to do all the things I wanted to when I finally got back here, and I bet I go bugnuts trying to do it all at once, but fortunately, I have family here to keep that from happening (It’s too big a job for my husband alone).