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My four-legged family.

Thought Processes of a Cat

When to Sit on the Human’s Lap

Certain questions must be answered in the affirmative.

  • Is the human busy?
  • Is the human using their hands?
  • Does it look like they might need to get up soon?
  • How much of a chance is there that I might get caught being loving and friendly?

How to Tell When it’s Time to Leave the Lap

  • Does the human seem comfortable?
  • Is someone coming?
  • Did the human try to move AT ALL to make me more comfortable?
  • Is there any chance that there could be an injury if I put my claws out and pushed off RIGHT NOW?

Looks like she wins

Silvia has found a home in this house. She and Ryu still have issues to work out, but her winning personality and sad story (having to leave her family after one year because they ‘didn’t have enough time for her) won the hearts of my parents and me (and even my husband who isn’t exactly her favorite person).

Go Silvia!

Project Silvia: Day 14

Silvia and I are getting on famously. They’re still having scuffles, but I think things are getting better with Silvia and Ryu. Hubby is a little put out that she seems to favor me. What can I say, I’m the kitty pied piper.

Silvia’s considerably cuddlier than Ryu. He’s kinda standoffish, but I can tell he wants some of the attention. I give him all he’ll let me give.

I am crazy cat lady.

I hurt my wrist somehow yesterday. It’s getting better, but I’m thinking I’m probably not going to go volunteer for clean-up at the Humane Society tomorrow.

Project Silvia: Day 11

Maybe it’s a sign that they’re more comfortable around one another, but scuffles have increased. I think it’s mostly due to Silvia not wanting to play. Ryu’s ears aren’t back when he pounces, but she hisses and growles a little. Ryu, of course is more than willing to follow through and pursue her, because things that run must be caught (or at least that’s what I’ve observed from him in our year together). Still, it’s not constant. . . I think Silvia’s my husband’s best chance at a second cat.

Project Silvia: Day 8

Over the last couple of days Silvia and Ryu have gotten more aggressive towards each other. They occasionally bat and hiss at one another, resulting in two events that I would call extremely briev fights. I don’t know if it’s a bad sign or a sign that they’re more relaxed.

Ryu doesn’t stalk Silvia like he did. He didn’t attack, but he didn’t let her go anywhere unaccompanied. Now they are in seperate places often.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.

It’s up to my husband wether we keep Silvia or not.

She has a very plaintive voice and ‘talks’ a lot. I don’t know if there’s something hurting her or if it’s just expressing her displeasure at stress and being handled too much, but she often mews piteously when she’s being carried.

Project Silvia: Doody.

So I noticed that maybe, just maybe, Silvia’s diaherriac excrement might have a touch of red in it. I call sort of panicked to the Humane Society (who technically still own her, but it’s looking good), and they calmly tell me that if I’m worried, they’ll call ahead and I can take a sample (which I already had bagged) to the Vet (who happens to be about a block from my house). I rush right out with my baggie, no coat. It was bloody freezing out there. I wait about an hour and they tell me that it’s just nerves and diet change, most likely, and that the sample tested negative for anything bad. Then they gave me some kitty diaherrea medicine.

Another crises averted.

Now the Humane Society women are probably positive I’m a basket case, instead of just suspicious of it.

You know, when we adopted our first cat from them (she died of some sort of heart failure a few years later), I broke into tears. I was overcome with the knowledge that we would love her and she would die. I’m nuts like that. Sometimes I just suddenly comprehend the emptiness of time or the transient nature of life or something, and it just kills me.

Project Silvia: Day 5

She’s out and about (except when we’re not home, or it’s sleep time) and I’ve only seen (or heard) one semi-serious altercation. It’s a go I’m thinking.

Aww, it was so sweet, she came upstairs while I was reading and was all purrsy and lay down on my chest. She’s a good fit. Ryu’s adjusting well, we had some playtime this morning before I had to leave for my dental cleaning.

Project Silvia Day 3

This morning I let them run around free together, supervised. Went well, no fights. Silvia likes small hidey holes, and got behind the couch. Ryu didn’t pursue and engage, but she did get royally p.o.’d at me when I pulled her out of there. I think this is going to work.

Project Sylvia: Looking good

After coming home from a major grocery expedition, we played with Ryu for a little then got Sylvia into the cage, and let them sniff around each other. Ryu was disinterested for the most part. The thought seemed to be ‘she’s in a cage, can’t do aught to me.’ So while I was loving on him downstairs, Hubby got Sylvia out and carried her downstairs for Ryu to see out of the cage. The results were encouraging. No hissing, only a little batting.

It’s looking real good.