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Review:The Magician King

The Magician King (The Magicians, #2)The Magician King by Lev Grossman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know if I want to smack Quentin because I relate to his angst or in spite of it, but I do spend a lot of time wanting to smack him. In spite of THAT the Magicians books pull me along and I was quick to read all three, once I finally picked them up this winter. I was glad to see the rest of Julia’s story, and sad it was what it was. I think I’d have enjoyed it more if the whole th8ng didn’t taste a little too much like a “clever” Dawn Treader retread.

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Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

As usual David Wong’s work lives up to the titles he gives. No false advertising,  here. I was left feeling incomplete, however.   While it is a stand alone story, more or less,  it’s left remarkably incomplete. I’m interested enough to grab any sequel that comes up mext, but I wish it felt more complete by itself.

Review :Gone Girl

I jumped on this way late, but I stayed unspoiled enough to stand up and say, “You mean to say what, my good book?” when I noticed how early it was in the book and that part two… well it was part two all over. 
This story is more than the sum of its parts, and it delivers the full experience — at least on the first read through.   “Gone Girl” is entitlement gone awry and so many marriages writ large. “The things we do to each other and the things we make of one another” to paraphrase a very interesting man.

The localness of this story sucked me in, too. It felt very much like the author knew this area and its economy well. They actually filmed the movie about an hour from me, and I am still peeved I couldn’t get anyone to go stalk NPH with me.  It couldn’t have been a better pick, though.

Review: Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the LaneThe Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There’s a certain melancholy in everything I’ve read by Gaimon, and this is no exception. He reminds me of Bradbury, in the wistful beauty I feel at the end of so many of his stories. This one is a sort of free floating story about the memories and sorrows of children. The narrator is remembering things as though he were seven again, and the attendant magic is questioned even as it is taken at face value.  The ladies  down the lane seem to live in another world, and the narrator takes a small part. The plot is small and inconsequential  enough it’s almost impossible to discuss, particularly without spoilers.  The feeling is the thing, and Gaiman spins a beautiful little dream that is superior to what  the narrator might have recalled on a different day. Vivid word-tapestries bring open a home full of quiet magic and tough love, contrasted by mundane worries and darker magic and a more negligent love.

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Review: Project Almanac

Bias warning: I have a serious soft spot for time travel tales.

Warning #2: If getting all through  a pretty tight tale and having a really conflict-inducing plot-hole/loose end sitting there ruins it for you, go watch something else.

I’m just a bit over “shot it on my phone” movies,  but at least there was a general on screen agreement to Film All The Things related to their experiment…. they still took it a bit far. Project Almanac did benefit from it, so no complaints, there.

What distracted me most was the hugeness of the house/attic/basement, but that just me. They lampshaded enough things– such as the photo ready lead/genius– to get away with it. 

Our little hero looked down on “his engineers” as Big Bang Theory has made it popular to do, but in fact,  their resident genius was not a physicist, he was an engineer. His  projects were all practical wiring or coding excercises. Robitics, at best,  so I’m not surprised that he didn’t get the fellowship. His father, now… another story.

This movie played with changing the time stream like Looper and Primer before them, bur made things slightly more personal and manageable. Some changes just were and then weren’t,  and were left where they lay. Sequel fuel? Sure, but there was plenty of that in the dangly end bits.

I don’t think this is going to stand up to a lot of rewatches.

Jupiter Ascending is the Cake

The best thing I can say: beautiful.  Even the hideous things were intricately hideous and I wanted to look more closely. The stars, and the astral stars, the world, and oh my, the costumes.

Overall, the whole thing reminded me of what a big budget adaptation of one of Heinlein’s spacier space operas might have been.  For me, that’s a good thing. I have good associations there. However, it leads me to the worst thing.

As such, it definitely doesn’t do to look too closely at the movie, or story. I couldn’t really discuss this movie afterward,  because it just lead to “uh… sciencey magicy stuff” or “oh….” and we didn’t even have to go more than a sentence in to get there. We backed out quickly, reminding one another that we LIKED the experience we just had: sci-fi, pretty, fighty, good 3D effects.  We liked  that.  We liked the bureaucracy sequence topped by Terry Gilliam himself! I LOVED THAT.

Like a particularly  gorgeous pastry, the fondant is more for
Looking at than enjoying  and it’s just cake under that.

I still want Mila Kunis’ wardrobe  in a 12 tall. Please.

Review–Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever

Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together ForeverOdd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever by Dean Koontz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rather less worthwhile on the face of it than the previous Odd Thomas novellas that preceded thw last two books,  bur maybe finishing “Saint Odd” will prove me wrong.  The first novel went well enough through the story of the fortune. This just embellishes it a bit.I am always glad to see Stormy, though, and she was just as I remembered her: plucky and ready. It’s something of a miracle Odd got through 7 more books without her.  Good thing he keeps finding mentors. I  hope we get all the mysteries solved, and I don’t wind up in another “Lost” situation.  I’m still not over that, Abrams.

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Holidays and After

What’s  going on? Well, holidays, that’s what. 

I’m also learning more about the javscript libraries that I’ve been avoiding as hard as I can. Reinventing the wheel is fine, but some angles I’ve come to need more immediate smoothing.  More importantly,  it will smooth making a chromeOS  application,  which is a newish concept for me. So far, Ember and PouchDB are looking like my new code-related BFFs.

Speaking of BFFs, mine just got a part in Jesus Christ Superstar out in her hometown area. So excited for her. If you’re in Concord, NC when they go, see her sing.

My life has been less exciting, but a little stressful. We’re finally settling in to trying to have a baby, and as adoption is our probable and long favored method, there’s paperwork and soul plumbing  involved. The questions you have to answer! Half-Vulcans (joke!) like me just don’t have those depths. Want child. Love child. Well… that sounda more like the Hulk, really, but whatever.

Even though I’m an adoptee, myself, I’m also a nerd. Therefore,  I started googling and reading all sorts of sources about it. I never felt specifically different. I never didn’t know I was adopted. I’ve never felt bad about it. 

Even infant adoptees seem to be negative about it. There is SO MUCH NEGATIVITY out there. Sometimes I feel like the very devil herself for wanting a child, for thinking about an international adoption,  for not wanting to make a child feel an outsider inntwo families. I can only speak for me, and I know that,  but if it’s possible, my child will be happy and part of her ‘real’ family for ever, and want for nothing.

So, North Carolina… don’t forget to cheer them on.

Wrong Takeaways #3: Agents of SHIELD

This isn’t  quite  the same as the earlier two. It’s pretty strictly  a “doing the fandom ‘wrong'” thing.

Apparently Skye is basically  the star and MacGuffin of the show. The audience entry character. She’s  smart and “cute ” and “likable,” but the thing is  I feel NONE OF THAT, and my husband  has to keep reminding  me that my theories  and hopes are  the sky-est of pies. I keep seeing ways to get rid of her– Ways that other characters can fill her role. I stoicly find myself unable to ‘ship’ her and Ward (which is another can of beans).

Anyone else would  NOT be allowed to be so mouthy, especially as a rookie. I dig the “things have changed ” schtick, but also authority is authority. She is a major morale liability. 

To me she feels like  an interloper, still, and that is not what they’re going for, I’m  told.

Learn to ignore the twinge, and enjoy every.  Last. Other. Character… all of whom I love.  That’s what the doctor ordered.

Wrong Takeaways #2: Watch What Your Kids Watch Promo

This promo which im having problems embedding is totally adorable and totally me as a kid. I’m glad there are a lot of commentors who agree, but I felt so bad the first time I saw it.

Here I was LOVING this kid and feeling so nostalgic. I turned to my husband to comment as much when they said the “are your kids…” thing and my husband startrd laughing as my jaw fell.

She IS adorable, and so was I, and my parents are awesome. Nothing wrong with wanting a little more drama in your teddy bear tea party! I helped my little cousin separate her barbies into rival gangs. It was a blast!

Fuzzy Heroes is a fantastic RPG, albeit one I never got to play. My big, red, doggie would have LOVED IT.

Go watch the kid again. I know I will.