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I’m thankful for :

  1. My beautiful new  daughter . 
  2. The church community   that helped giver her an outrageous wardrobe at her shower. 
  3. My husband
  4. The local election results that enable me to stay near my parents and aunts and uncles and cousins 
  5. My health
  6. My family, far and near
  7. My home
  8. Another year 
  9. My family’s relative health
  10. The success of my loved ones
  11. Another Guardians of the Galaxy movie  coming up
  12. My cats 
  13. 2 working vehicles
  14. A job that let me go on work from home asssignment hours which, while not regular, lets me follow my heart and take care of my girl while she’s not ready for the kind of separation working outside would bring . 
  15. God’s continued love.
  16. That if I listed all the little things this would get really long.

    Pictured are the cinnamon rolls we made today for the holiday.  I’m also thankful my mother in law is an exceptional cook. 

    Some Things I Want to Share With the Daughter I Hope to Have Soon

    • Bone.  A gateway geek.  I bought the collection with her in mind.
    • Kill Bill (Maybe sooner than I should), because it is a woman’s action movie, about women, with reference-heavy nature that will open other doors and discussions.
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Movie, Show, whatever), because  of the same reasons, but toned down.  It’s hard being special, and it’s hard wanting it all, but all “all” really is at the end of the day are the things important to you.  As you grow, you’ll recognize those things.  Don’t be ashamed of the times you weren’t.
    • Judy Blume Books. Hilarious and true.  I ate them like candy when everything else I read was a fantasy.
    • Speaking of… The Chronicles of Narnia, but NEVER THE PRINCE CASPIAN MOVIE, because WTF.  Even though I am a Christian, and the allegorical nature of the piece is interesting and pretty, the WORLD WITH UNICORNS AND TALKING ANIMALS, OMG!
    • Less pleasant talking animals, for balance:  Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  That was my jam for ever.  I read that so many times it’s officially kind of surreal.
    • Dr. Seuss.  All the Seuss, all the time.  Maybe not the super-preachy Lorax.
    • Every Fairy Tale we can find, and most of the myths, because… FABLES!  Someday, Fables.
    • And the Tick.  He’s got fewer thing to explain and is funnier than Batman, Captain America, or Superman (someday them, but you have to start somewhere).
    • The Muppets.  I still LOVE THE MUPPETS, and they teach things, among them counting, spanish, acceptance, and showtunes.
    • Star Wars.  Learn your country’s epic.  It’s important
    • Star Trek.  Meet Mommy’s dream co-workers and the greatest entertainers out there.
    • More Star Trek.
    • The Addams Family.  Meet Mommy’s first TV family and ideal couple.  Also laugh, because  hilarious.  I hope she’ll be better at snapping her fingers than I am.
    • I can’t wait to watch The Graduate and discuss how boys are stupid and Alpha Romeos are fabulous.  What ever happened to that car?  Did he go back for it? I love that car.
    • Daria.  Another of my favorite girls.

    To Be Continued.

    I know that there will be so many hip, new things I won’t be up on.  Probably are now.  But there is so much good to share.  I want to share.

    Review: Project Almanac

    Bias warning: I have a serious soft spot for time travel tales.

    Warning #2: If getting all through  a pretty tight tale and having a really conflict-inducing plot-hole/loose end sitting there ruins it for you, go watch something else.

    I’m just a bit over “shot it on my phone” movies,  but at least there was a general on screen agreement to Film All The Things related to their experiment…. they still took it a bit far. Project Almanac did benefit from it, so no complaints, there.

    What distracted me most was the hugeness of the house/attic/basement, but that just me. They lampshaded enough things– such as the photo ready lead/genius– to get away with it. 

    Our little hero looked down on “his engineers” as Big Bang Theory has made it popular to do, but in fact,  their resident genius was not a physicist, he was an engineer. His  projects were all practical wiring or coding excercises. Robitics, at best,  so I’m not surprised that he didn’t get the fellowship. His father, now… another story.

    This movie played with changing the time stream like Looper and Primer before them, bur made things slightly more personal and manageable. Some changes just were and then weren’t,  and were left where they lay. Sequel fuel? Sure, but there was plenty of that in the dangly end bits.

    I don’t think this is going to stand up to a lot of rewatches.

    Holidays and After

    What’s  going on? Well, holidays, that’s what. 

    I’m also learning more about the javscript libraries that I’ve been avoiding as hard as I can. Reinventing the wheel is fine, but some angles I’ve come to need more immediate smoothing.  More importantly,  it will smooth making a chromeOS  application,  which is a newish concept for me. So far, Ember and PouchDB are looking like my new code-related BFFs.

    Speaking of BFFs, mine just got a part in Jesus Christ Superstar out in her hometown area. So excited for her. If you’re in Concord, NC when they go, see her sing.

    My life has been less exciting, but a little stressful. We’re finally settling in to trying to have a baby, and as adoption is our probable and long favored method, there’s paperwork and soul plumbing  involved. The questions you have to answer! Half-Vulcans (joke!) like me just don’t have those depths. Want child. Love child. Well… that sounda more like the Hulk, really, but whatever.

    Even though I’m an adoptee, myself, I’m also a nerd. Therefore,  I started googling and reading all sorts of sources about it. I never felt specifically different. I never didn’t know I was adopted. I’ve never felt bad about it. 

    Even infant adoptees seem to be negative about it. There is SO MUCH NEGATIVITY out there. Sometimes I feel like the very devil herself for wanting a child, for thinking about an international adoption,  for not wanting to make a child feel an outsider inntwo families. I can only speak for me, and I know that,  but if it’s possible, my child will be happy and part of her ‘real’ family for ever, and want for nothing.

    So, North Carolina… don’t forget to cheer them on.

    Wrong Takeaways #2: Watch What Your Kids Watch Promo

    This promo which im having problems embedding is totally adorable and totally me as a kid. I’m glad there are a lot of commentors who agree, but I felt so bad the first time I saw it.

    Here I was LOVING this kid and feeling so nostalgic. I turned to my husband to comment as much when they said the “are your kids…” thing and my husband startrd laughing as my jaw fell.

    She IS adorable, and so was I, and my parents are awesome. Nothing wrong with wanting a little more drama in your teddy bear tea party! I helped my little cousin separate her barbies into rival gangs. It was a blast!

    Fuzzy Heroes is a fantastic RPG, albeit one I never got to play. My big, red, doggie would have LOVED IT.

    Go watch the kid again. I know I will.

    Wrong Takeaways #1: Inception

    I ran off to see Inception at a particularly vulnerable mental moment.  Big stormand flooding at my house that had me up almost 24 hours.   I went off to the movie when I was alone to chill out and forget for a moment. It was probably also free popcorn day.

    Needless to say, I was highly emotional,  even if I was calmer by then. 

    The thing that stuck with me as “grow old together” and the Mol and Cobb relationship. To my mind, they seemed… adult. Moreso than most onscreen couples narratives grow around. They were deeply in love and also concerned about their kids.  Even Nick and Nora didn’t match this. It made me think, hard and uncomfortably,  about myself and aging and my husband and I.  I want to grow together like that, and we will– minus the horrific tragedy, I hope.

    Don’t get me wrong. I saw the hole-ridden tech and theories, and the gorgeous visials and action. I am forever in love with zero-g hall suited fighting– who wouldn’t be?  I watch it again and again and see what they say, but even while the rest sinks in, my gut still feels the urge to navel gaze about aging and maturity and love. 

    One Of My Heroes

    I lived next door to a 100 year old, self sufficient woman. She did her own gardening. She kept her house. She tilled with a non motorized tiller that she sharpened herself. Somewhere, my mom has a picture of her in her bonnet doing just that.

    Mom and Daddy befriended her, and I,  as a child, did the best I could to be nice and be friendly. I didn’t understand bonding, even then. I don’t know how they managed to integrate themselves intp her life, but I’m glad they did.  She wad so interesting and nice. I hope I can learn to be that kind of nice and helpful without feeling odd or intrusive.

    This isn’t about me, though. It’s about how close the past is and how interesting people are and… neighbors. When I was at home, my parents knew how to meet and be neighbors. People were curious about one another in a safe,  friendly way. Maybe they still are. I want them to be.

    A year or so after her hundredth birthday, she had an accident and broke her hip. Of course, she had lessened mobility and sufficiency after that, but she stayed in her home as long as she could. They were all good years, and if I become old, that is how I want to do it.

    HabitRPG and IFTTT

    So, I’m automating again.  My husband says it’s kindnof “self surveiling” but he stole it from S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Little reminders and automated news delivery make me mentally and emotionally more accoutable. That could be real help forming and reforming good habits.  Since I went back to full time work, it’s been much harder to make time for me and what I do. Of course, it was hard in the first place… but I believe the gamification and automation crazes and the need to focus my time will work out in the long run.


    And,  I don’t have too much to say, yet, even so.

    I’ve been dieting and not finishing a costume and working. Much working for The Man.

    Now I’m reprioritizing as vacation (Gen Con!) comes up.

    It’s been a year in the new house with the new job. I need to look at what I’ve done and where I want to go. I hope it comes out positively, and I think it will.