Review :Gone Girl

I jumped on this way late, but I stayed unspoiled enough to stand up and say, “You mean to say what, my good book?” when I noticed how early it was in the book and that part two… well it was part two all over. 
This story is more than the sum of its parts, and it delivers the full experience — at least on the first read through.   “Gone Girl” is entitlement gone awry and so many marriages writ large. “The things we do to each other and the things we make of one another” to paraphrase a very interesting man.

The localness of this story sucked me in, too. It felt very much like the author knew this area and its economy well. They actually filmed the movie about an hour from me, and I am still peeved I couldn’t get anyone to go stalk NPH with me.  It couldn’t have been a better pick, though.