Wrong Takeaways #3: Agents of SHIELD

This isn’t  quite  the same as the earlier two. It’s pretty strictly  a “doing the fandom ‘wrong'” thing.

Apparently Skye is basically  the star and MacGuffin of the show. The audience entry character. She’s  smart and “cute ” and “likable,” but the thing is  I feel NONE OF THAT, and my husband  has to keep reminding  me that my theories  and hopes are  the sky-est of pies. I keep seeing ways to get rid of her– Ways that other characters can fill her role. I stoicly find myself unable to ‘ship’ her and Ward (which is another can of beans).

Anyone else would  NOT be allowed to be so mouthy, especially as a rookie. I dig the “things have changed ” schtick, but also authority is authority. She is a major morale liability. 

To me she feels like  an interloper, still, and that is not what they’re going for, I’m  told.

Learn to ignore the twinge, and enjoy every.  Last. Other. Character… all of whom I love.  That’s what the doctor ordered.

Wrong Takeaways #2: Watch What Your Kids Watch Promo

This promo which im having problems embedding is totally adorable and totally me as a kid. I’m glad there are a lot of commentors who agree, but I felt so bad the first time I saw it.

Here I was LOVING this kid and feeling so nostalgic. I turned to my husband to comment as much when they said the “are your kids…” thing and my husband startrd laughing as my jaw fell.

She IS adorable, and so was I, and my parents are awesome. Nothing wrong with wanting a little more drama in your teddy bear tea party! I helped my little cousin separate her barbies into rival gangs. It was a blast!

Fuzzy Heroes is a fantastic RPG, albeit one I never got to play. My big, red, doggie would have LOVED IT.

Go watch the kid again. I know I will.

Review: Jesus Feminist

Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of WomenJesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women by Sarah Bessey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pretty sure this book is a little too “feel good” for me, but I did relate a lot to the core of what I felt her story was.  Women need to accept one another. We all need to have faith. Faith is not an antiquated notion, and people need to stop seeing it as something for little old church ladies. Marriage and love are not ways to manipulate and rule one another. Above all, God is love and any relationship with him should be more about love than hate. Being a feminist is about loving women as much as one loves men, because they are all valuable people. True enough,  which is why the book is so short. The parts that set true with me were her testimonials.  Her life is an interesting one, and I love what she was a part of.   The interludes where she describes some sort of hippy hoe down that we are supposed to pretend we are at with her is the most pablum-ish filler ever. It might work in a speaking engagement, but here, it was boring.  Boring is a primary sin in literature. Short, though, at least it was short.

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The Work Database.

I found a clever work around for my work database problem. 

The set up for the netbook that is in our shop doesn’t allow for an office program or a proper data stream as it stands, not being on the cloud.  I don’t have a lot of time to monkey with the machine,  but now I’m looking at something pretty adequate.

Chrome will let me write a text stream and force/allow a save to a given name/type.  I’m mobile right now, so consider this an insert code here. 

I’ve made a small library that parses out the string into a .js file,  and then read it back into the array. That works almost well enough. It doesn’t work on Firefox, but it DOES on Chrome, which I’m limited to. For once, a blessing. Hijacking the unload event, and tagging a few other functions, I’ve managed to make updating the files a no brainer, which is necessary for my tool smart/ tech averse coworkers.

There’s a certain satisfaction in building my own virtually ground up system, but I know that I’ll never be able to properly explain to my workmates. I’ve got an idea that it’ll be a good band aid while I research the better method. Fast and furious and portable into the next iteration of the shoehorn of DOOM.

Review: The Book of the Dun Cow

The Book of the Dun Cow (Chauntecleer the Rooster, #1)The Book of the Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin Jr.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heavy handed,  but sweet for all that, I finally got around to reading this book I found in a resale pile.  I liked how the rich theology of the world sat there and didn’t explain itself overmuch.   There was enough exposition as it happened, anyway.  The book left me trudging through it at times, and all but crying for the heroic characters at others. It is those times thst transcended enough to earn the 4 star rating.Sometime, I do plan to read the second book. Sometime.

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