Wrong Takeaways #1: Inception

I ran off to see Inception at a particularly vulnerable mental moment.  Big stormand flooding at my house that had me up almost 24 hours.   I went off to the movie when I was alone to chill out and forget for a moment. It was probably also free popcorn day.

Needless to say, I was highly emotional,  even if I was calmer by then. 

The thing that stuck with me as “grow old together” and the Mol and Cobb relationship. To my mind, they seemed… adult. Moreso than most onscreen couples narratives grow around. They were deeply in love and also concerned about their kids.  Even Nick and Nora didn’t match this. It made me think, hard and uncomfortably,  about myself and aging and my husband and I.  I want to grow together like that, and we will– minus the horrific tragedy, I hope.

Don’t get me wrong. I saw the hole-ridden tech and theories, and the gorgeous visials and action. I am forever in love with zero-g hall suited fighting– who wouldn’t be?  I watch it again and again and see what they say, but even while the rest sinks in, my gut still feels the urge to navel gaze about aging and maturity and love. 

One Of My Heroes

I lived next door to a 100 year old, self sufficient woman. She did her own gardening. She kept her house. She tilled with a non motorized tiller that she sharpened herself. Somewhere, my mom has a picture of her in her bonnet doing just that.

Mom and Daddy befriended her, and I,  as a child, did the best I could to be nice and be friendly. I didn’t understand bonding, even then. I don’t know how they managed to integrate themselves intp her life, but I’m glad they did.  She wad so interesting and nice. I hope I can learn to be that kind of nice and helpful without feeling odd or intrusive.

This isn’t about me, though. It’s about how close the past is and how interesting people are and… neighbors. When I was at home, my parents knew how to meet and be neighbors. People were curious about one another in a safe,  friendly way. Maybe they still are. I want them to be.

A year or so after her hundredth birthday, she had an accident and broke her hip. Of course, she had lessened mobility and sufficiency after that, but she stayed in her home as long as she could. They were all good years, and if I become old, that is how I want to do it.

Review: Joshua Son of None

Joshua: Son of NoneJoshua: Son of None by Nancy Freedman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first read this book back when I was fresh fromThe Boys from Brazil, and trying to get my English teacher to include books I liked.  She, an awesome lady, handed me a copy of this. I then read it about a dozen times. Then a few more.I’m fascinated by the idyllic aura put around the Kennedy presidency and the early “clones and nature nurture” ideas. This is a perfect companion piece to the aforementioned “Boys from Brazil.” The idea that with enough planning the world can get someone hack is fascinating and compelling and doesn’t take into account the subject. One day I hope they make a movie.

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Cop Out Pic Spam

First Scan
My first scan on my anniversary present, the 3D printer and scanner. Tech is still young.


Happy Squirrel
Happy Squirrel

"New" bedroom with catsAll 3 catms on the new bed at once, without people to facilitate. Rarity.


The Crane, boss, the crane!
Spending some time at Evergreen park, of late. The pond is beautiful, and so was this super casual, gracefully awkward bird.
Hummingbird at Rest.
It’s insanely hard to get pictures of my deck bids, but she finally sat still for a moment.



Preliminary Design
This is more of the design work I got up to on my breaks. Husband’s Birthday and Christmas again.
The yellow blob? A gorgeous and fast wild finch, ON MY DECK!

HabitRPG and IFTTT

So, I’m automating again.  My husband says it’s kindnof “self surveiling” but he stole it from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Little reminders and automated news delivery make me mentally and emotionally more accoutable. That could be real help forming and reforming good habits.  Since I went back to full time work, it’s been much harder to make time for me and what I do. Of course, it was hard in the first place… but I believe the gamification and automation crazes and the need to focus my time will work out in the long run.