To my great guilt, I got an ear infection and ended up as a medication zombie for almost 2 weeks. I lost a lot of the non-chain-breaking that I had going.

Working Over the Company Website

One of the tasks I was lucky enough to get offered was to go over the compamy website and try to find more ways to make it work and be the place to go for  metal work and fabrication. We aren’t yet ready for online ordering, but that’s because of the simple fact that labor is a big factor. What I was able to implement was a preliminary estimate based on materials alone and automate emails with their attachments and requests in it.

I’m sure there are a lot of canned methods, but I had time and I like to largely build my own bits where I can.  In the end, I used a canned method for handling email attachments and for one of the text hiding effects, although I restyled it and merged it with the grid system I designed with.

I really quite like the grids.  It took me a while to adjust to the idea of using the extra files,  but it was easy to ignore and just used the functionality provided.  I like the ease it gave me in modular design.

I used the Simple Grid responsive grid.  There are some things I found less than ideal in the transformation to mobile formats, but I have yet to think of a better way to do it.  For the estimate page’s purposes, I would have liked it if the grid blocks didn’t jump down on mobile devices, but I think some work can fix this– at least for the one instance.

For the hide-show methods, I started with the Show/Hide Content from DHTML Goodies.  It’s more obviously meant to code for q&a sections, but it “connects” a visible and conditionally visible div and that was my initial goal. I wanted to keep things compact and simple for people using the form.

I tried to go simple with the menu, but ended up using java script for the screen sensitive menu. I borrowed a snippet..

I also used available customizations for the slideshows, and learned quite a lot in the process.

My goal was a sort of flat design, but I didn’t have a lot of embellishment leeway.

Primarily, my boss wanted an email form that could also take attachments, I found one that handled them without uploads, before I knew what kind of server space he was using, and I might change now, because the current set up seems not to like very big attachments.

In another entry, I’ll cover some of the ways and work arounds I got into making it all go just right and transition to mobile devices.