2013 Released Movies I Saw In 2013 TBC

In the end, it looks like fewer than it felt like, but then again, it averages out to more than one a month. I , ay go back and get in depth on these, but right now, just knee-jerk blurbs.

The Last Stand
I was oddly excited for this one, and I remember it being cute, funny, and not something you want to look at counting plot holes unless you like them better than sheep… but…
John Dies at the End
Was a different story. It has a glib answer for plot holes and a real knack for adapting a crazy book into movie form. The casting was great even if the idea of making JDatE a movie was a touch ambitious.
Bullet to the Head
Slightly jaded by The Last Stand, I went into this one expecting less. A humorless Stallone provided just that. I am pretty sure I spaced out a few times and ,missed bits… well, not actually “missed” them.
Now You see Me
I went in on strength of my love of capers, and I wasnot disappointed. This one was fast paced and fun. If it were not for the last two scenes, I would own a copy, now. The mystifyingly out of place cappers leave me wanting to shake someone, and not by the hand.
Evil Dead
Reboots are not generally the fan’s friend, okay.
Thor: The Dark World
Better than the first one. I like everyone in it, but CAN NOT feel convinced by or invested in the Thor/Jane relationship.
Iron Man 3
I liked it well enough. Movie-Tony and Movie-Pepper are my latest favored couple. I see where die-hard fans would be annoyed, but I mostly just got bored during the parts with the kidm
Die Hard 5
This series is getting old, after “Live Free or Die Hard” I didn’t think I’d say that, but there it is.
The Great Gatsby
Baz Lerman makes things so shiny. Mostly forgettable, though.
Into Darkness
The less said about this the better.
Olympus Has Fallen
The Wolverine
This movie made up for the mess of “Wolverine: Origins.” It felt like the better stripe of X-men movie and set us up to link “First Class” with the other movies.
I laughed a lot at this movie, but it was also strangely forgettable. I had to ask myself months later if we actually saw this one.

For all that, Helen Miren kicked ass.
I think I stand somewhat apart in liking this one. It wasn’t awesome, but it was cute, and… it was cute. Shut up!
47 Ronin
I’m still thinling about this one. Mostly, I’m thinking it was gorgeous and the women wore some fabulous outfits I wish it were socially acceptable for me to run around in.
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
The SPIDERS! I knew they were coming and they freaked my spider hating self right out. Other than that it was okay… well there was lots of wtf with Tauriel and her rampant dwarf flirting as well as double the Orlando Bloom, for some reason.
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
The same actors in a sequel this far removed? I am impressed. This one amused me, just likethe first one.
Kick Ass 2
Didn’t kick me in the gut like the first one, but this series is not afraid to shed blood. It was funny and awful, but it had my girl Chloe Moretz in it. Big plus, always.
Ender’s Game
Good movie. Bad adaptation.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Good movie. Good adaptation.

Review: Doomed

Doomed (Damned #2)Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t remember “Damned” as well as I thought,  maybe.I’ve got a copy to go back and read and maybe that will , make me revise this.it seemed like the voice of Maddie, the narrator, was much more… annoying, entitled, even, for lack of a better word. The level of obnoxious came right up to robbing me of any sympathy I might’ve built up otherwise.  Her family, seemed better than previously depicted and at the same time a little stupider. The whole thing benefitted from the method of in-and-out narrative,  because otherwise it would have beem depressing and obvious,  not a problem I remember from the prequel.I’ll come back for the denouement, because I am curious where Chuck is going with this. nevertheless,  I hope it is more consistent and sensical than what we got here.

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Review: Dr. Sleep

Doctor Sleep (The Shining, #2)Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book, I liked.It’s about as far from the standard ghost story of The Shining as you can get, and I am not complaining.  Honestly, it didn’t even need to be a sequel, but it made good use of the story of Danny Torrance–light, but good. It savedus a little backstory and bought just enough extra emotional investment to pay off.Dr. Sleep takes place, for the most part, decades after The en Shining, and we spend a lot of time with adult Danny mulling through existential puzzles and helping to save the day of his “student,” Abra Stone.  This time it’s a fairly fascinating species of vampire that he becomes mixed up with. They prey on people with shine. They have a long history, and sometimes I wondered how they managed as long as they seem to have, without record of real resistance. Nevertheless,  they arw a credible threat and an interesting one. King lays it all out in front of you here and I was still interested in seeing what happened.That, right there, is so, something that will have me reading someday again. I would love to learn to do that, to be in protagonist and antagonist brains and still keep people interested in the plot.  Total transparency is hard to keep up, and I always find it tripping me up when I tell a story. King’s ladies remain bright and interesting.  Bedchel Test… mostly passed. The women do seem to mostly lead separate lives, and have male sidekicks or teachers. Still, it’s beating a lot of things I have been absorbing lately. it doesn’t matter if you loved, hated, or never read The Shining, Dr. Sleep shines on its own.

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Review: Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night
Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Back again, with more YA reading. I’m neither Y nor A, but that’s beside the point. I had the previous novel in this trilogy suggested to me by an automated service from the online library. It wasn’t anything special, but it was nice enough and a pleasant surprise. This one showed up on the deep sale rack on the Kindle store, so I took it as a sign. I rejoined the little distopia already in progress.

This one is more a pile of Unresolved Sexual Tension than the first, but I liked that the principles in the love non-triangle remained true to themselves, their budding relationship, and their missions. Ms. Rossi got her dramatic tension elsewhere, and I appreciate that, too. I’ve rather had my fill of pointless love triangles.

No, the tension comes from a rescue mission. Unfortunately the tension isn’t all that, well, TENSE. The books is short on twists. That was my main gripe about the first one, too, so I imagine that the final chapter will be equally straightforward– and a touch dull, thereby. I wish I were less bored by the vanilla of it all, because the basic human principles in the book are good, and worthwhile, and the characters are very nice. These stories embrace care for others and selflessness as true leadership qualities and they are not subtle about it.

Maybe some of our United States governing officials should read these… except I imagine they’d get the wrong message, and imagine the antagonists have the right idea, insofar as we actually see them act.

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A Mash-Up Urge (Feel Free to “Steal” but Credit is Nice)

With due respect to Mikey Mason and George R.R. Martin.

Ever since I finally got season one of Game of Thrones, I’ve been thinking of the song Best Game Ever in relation to it. It doesn’t match, sure, because Ned dies but once, but I can help but try to fit it all together in a video.

It was the best game ever [Flash of the title]
Trap and riddles were so clever [Tyrion doing something]

I said it fell apart, but I can’t stop. Maybe a parody.

It was the best game ever!
Tyrion and Varys were so clever,
And every single party member died!
‘Cause ol’ George thought they deserved it!
They kept doing really dumb shit.
We split Westeros up, and I swear they all cried
“I’ll rule! I’ll come back!

And this time When I play I’ll win it.”
Bran ran off into the forrest,
And Theon tried to start a fight.
Which is exactly what Robb did
With the Lannisters who turned out
To outbid them and the Freys…
Threw the reddest wedding ever!
‘Cause Everyone’s heads got severed.
Arya took of with nothing but her clever
Idea for vengeance, let it take her for a ride.

And then George came back,
He was focused on Baratheon,
And his creepy magic user,
And his sword of “magic” flame.
Oh and back at the Dragon’s lair
They argued tactics for an hour
Then they fed a guy to the dragon
And argues tactics One More Time

Best game ever!

As they wound down the adventure…

I remembered it was still going on somewhere

So…. it’s still the Best Game Ever.

End is crazy hinky, but I like the idea.

Goal–not Resolutions

Home safe from the Christmas trip,  I’m ready to state some 2014 goals.  I’m trying to work from small, action items… for my own good.

● The serial that my friend and I are working on. Edit what we have and record some of it in January.

●Finish my personal WhoScarf

● The Practical-Magic-Fight-Club-Supernatural story, get at least into the second act by March, via 250 word-per-day chain.

●design my craft-styluses

● get a design outline on my productivity suite by February

●Design the web app for work

● be judged ready for parenthood.

● get my office straight at home

● Find the right furniture for the front room, couch, shelves, hall tree.

It’s a longer to-do list than I thought I had. Well, I still aim for them.

Sometimes I don’t know if I don’t have real ambitions or I still haven’t found them quite yet. Or if just existing has gone on too long and I can’t quite feel them the same way. I know this: there is a lot of joy and imagination in me and more than just a sidekick in my soul. I have been given a great gift in the past year, coming home, meeting lovely people, finding a job, having some clarity again. The future is so very open and I am excited to meet it.

I do I hope everyone who reads this finds at least as great a blessing as I have in 2014.