And All The Changes

It’s been an incredibly busy  and emotional few months. 

We had to find a house to move into, STAT, because our landlord wanted to move into our rental. We expected to leave that house, but we were waitng for a specific financial moment to do so. On the crunch, we had to look for a good local place and apply for a loan, simultaneously.  This is harder than you’d think, but my filing and expert sidekicking skills came heavily into play– not to discount the above and beyond efforts of our awesome realtor and benevolent bank. My parents stepped in to be my rocks, consultants,  and cheerleaders while the tension mounted.

In the midst of this, our property we were trying to unload up north ended up needing an epic mildew clean on the lower floor, because we hadn’t kept light on and… well let’s just say my wonderful cousin and two godsent friends from up north (and husband, of course) helped me get through that. And that seems to be taken care of. I still kind of pray for destruction on that property to rid us of the selling burden. No one is buying in that county.

As the tension reached fever pitch and we went down to the line on the house and loan, our rewards finally came through. The financial breakthrough we’d waited for hit just in time, as I finally got hired at a job I’m kind of loving (at least for work, more on that upcoming) and the house closed. Amen and hallelujah.

We celebrated by going to GenCon, but probably not at the wisest moment,  still, it was probably our last shot for a bit at time off.

We are still unpacking, because work has shorted my free time for decorating, but Mom and Daddy are helping a lot and keeping me from going nuts (Change! The schedule,  what will become of it!).

I’m back in the engineering/CAD/Tech support fields, and I’m liking it. The business is a small one and unpretentious. The few people I deal with are nice, and office politics are non-existant. It’s as close to the dream as I’ll get right now, and it makes me feel like a contributor. My boss is nice and I’m learning a lot, and I think they accept I’m slightly mad.

Now that I’m finally getting back into something of a groove, I intend to pick my other occupations back up.

We have been truly, truly blessed this year.