New Tank and Filling My Mental Tank

Blue Tank Front
Blue Tank Front
Tank Back
Tank Back

I finished the “Jason X” tank.  I haven’t made the undersleeves, but I do plan to.  I’ve got a sweatshirt I’m thinking of repurposing for a tester.

I’m also working on getting a little more in shape.  Still.  I eyeroll myself.

Mainly, I’m trying to get this career thing off the ground.  I’m sending out revised resumes and trying to work on my projects and just… generally trying to get in gear now that I’m home.  I want to do all the things I wanted to when I finally got back here, and I bet I go bugnuts trying to do it all at once, but fortunately, I have family here to keep that from happening (It’s too big a job for my husband alone).

Chapter 3 is ON

I’m coming very close to my own version of the cute blue sweater from Jason X.  It’s very cute, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit.  I am, as always, just a little hesitant to finish because the neck is the tricky part for me.

blue sweater
Come on, inspiration can come from anywhere!

I also finished the Season 15 Who Scarf, finally.  It’s still available for sale, as will be custom-sized versions of the blue sweater when it’s done.

The move is almost over.  We need to get the house sold.  It’s a unique property, but so cute and roomy.  I really wish that I could have brought the house, after all our work, here to live in.  Finding a house is such a pain, and moving itself is no picnic.

The processes has brought out my inner klutz. I’ve been considering putting up a sign, now, saying “X days without accident” after the last few weeks.  I’ve not bled so much in ages.  Bruises aside, my hands have taken a real beating.

I’m advising everyone who finds themselves in a quick moving situation to get as much help as possible and hide if possible.

The serious job hunt is back on, now that I have connections.  I’m also looking into going back to grad school.  The whole thing feels like it should be really promising.  It’s good to have the theoretical support in finding what I really want to do and starting a real career again.

Honest truth:  Though I do want to write (and I do), I want to create something most of all.  I want to have a problem to solve and to use my mind or skills to do so.  Ideally I’d be writing code, or maybe text.  I also have a great deal of interested in working at a library as one of the last real-world sources of information.  I’ve been putting feelers out.  Fingers crossed.