The Longest Month On Record

Holy crap, I can barely believe it has only been a month and a half since I last indulged in a post. Let me tell you, it’s been a year worth of roller coaster.

The election was an exercise in awesomeness and insanity. Alexander county: hotbed of corruption. I probably want to talk about this someday, but now’s really too soon. The people we worked with and met while my husband ran for State’s Attorney there were outstanding. I hope we get to associate with them more in the future. It’s hard to make me say things like that, because I often kind of shy away from people. I think that in some way I grew by knowing them and doing this thing.

That brings me to the real benefit of the run. I think it was really the best thing for Dude and I. I think we learned to trust one another and work as a team more, again. Being a professional sidekick to him showed him how capable a worker I am, and we got insight into one other’s work processes and lives. He also learned how nice it really is in Southern Illinois. I think he’d almost forgotten.

So, we set off on the post-election world with positivity and a newfound teamwork. This is a good thing, an important thing, because his primary plan has included getting a practice of his own going as soon as we can, maybe down south. Team Neumann, all the way.

Which turns out to be important for other reasons. We’ve lost two grandparents in as many weeks, since the election. Dude’s grandfather, who had been suffering from senile dementia and quickly losing his memories of his family, passed on the week before Thanksgiving, and my own Grandmother passed on the Monday before, just as we were really starting to look like moving back toward my parents’ area was likely. The whole thing is still sort of bittersweet, because while neither of them suffered, we will miss them. Dude has actually missed his grandfather for a while, now.

So, while the “lots more money” aspect of the Aspiring to Help Reform Alexander County Plan fell through (as, perhaps, did the “We become outrageously involved citizens” part). We are still getting to live near some family and think about starting a family.

Chapter 3 will happen. We are going to rock it. We met some people we were totally meant to meet and learned some things we will need to know.

I’m ready to start packing and get back to writing. My friend, Jennifer, her new friend, and I are hatching something very multimedia and dramatic.