New Scarf Finished, Old Scarf Reposted

I’d been working on a Dr. Who replica scarf for a while.  The biggest problem was that it was hard to travel with.  It needs a pretty decent space in the bag for the yarn and the unfinished product itself.  It came out very nice-looking, in my opinion, and I’m going to keep it, should it not sell in the requisite etsy-time.   I do love a scarf I can totally wrap myself in, after all.

I might make myself one, anyway.  I’m going to take time out to make some stuff I don’t intend to sell.  I’ve got way too many patterns up my sleeve.  I also “need” to finish my other costumes. A sale on clothing patterns for sewing also put me up replete with those, too.  I wish fabric were easier to come by here, and cheaper.

Who Scarf
Dr. Who Scarf

I have also recently given in to the siren song of making my own shiny jewelery.  It’s been trying to get to me for years, but now I’ve taken the first steps.

It all started with the Ablet Row Counter on Lion Brand Yarn’s site.  I saw it and instantly thought “Genius!  I can make that.  Why didn’t I already think to?”  Soon, I was buying what I thought would, but then I thought I’d go it one prettier, and bought crystals and a thinner stringing wire.  The wire wasn’t as slide-y as I thought it’d be, but it was nice.  The bracelet came out pretty and wearable.

My first handmade bracelet
Handmade Bracelet
I’m still sort of working on my own counter bracelet.  I’m still under the budget I’d be using if I’d bought it online.  That is such a fabulous idea.  Seriously.

I need to have a few of those.

In the meantime, I’ll just plug away on making pretty things for myself and others.

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