Gen Con (in Pictures)

So, I went to Gen-Con with my husband and niece. It was pretty awesome. I shopped more than I should and slept less than I should. We went to Killer Breakfast and played in several games, old and new. We got to know our oldest niece a little better and generally had a heck of a time. We also decided that next time we’re probably going to stay in a closer hotel, maybe. It’s hard to not like free overnight parking and warm breakfasts. (WAFFLES! MMM!)

Without further adieu, some pictures illustrating the shopping and sights of Gen Con (admittedly, mostly not the best ones, because we were having too much fun to remember pictures.) Oh, and as an added explanation, the sword is the real katana that my husband bought me for my birthday. It is so sharp and I am so ready for the zompocalypse right now.

Toy Alpaca The Little Alpaca I Haggled For

Tree of Life
Tree of Life Necklace, by Honneck
Dice from GenCon
Dice 2
Dice From GenCon (2)
Shell Pen
Handmade Shell Pen with Barrel Made from the Bole of a Maple Tree
My Sword 1
My Sword End-on
My Sword 2
My Sword (the top one)
Awesome Giant Sundae at Bucca di Beppo
Us and the Spider Queen
Balloon Dragon
Us and the Balloon Dragon (half done)
The Awesome Nichelle Nichols, My Husband, and Me
Union Station Window
Gorgeous Window at the Old Union Station

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