New Etsy Endeavor

I’ve been saying for a long time I was going to make accessories shaped like weapons from yarn, and now I’ve done it.

My shop is neumaker, and I’m planning even now to add a few or my Jayne Cobb Cunning hats and Dr. Who scarves to the plans for more swords and maybe a mace or polearm.  Shackles as a scarf with gloves attached?  I don’t know, but I’m trying to be a little original in amongst the other things my husband mentions as what to make.

My first, smaller, Jayne Hat
Jayne Hat, with my face blacked out
Sword Scarf (worn)
Sword Scarf (worn)

I haven’t abandoned my other endeavors, though.  I’m still working on my RPG application and my various fictional ideas.  Too many ideas, man.  I’m great at concepts, and seeing “Cabin in the Woods” recently has got me re-enamoured of elder gods and meta-horror.

Medical Fun

For some reason, presumably what I’m told was a very mild Winter, sinus/allergies hit me hard early this spring.  I’ve been dealing with that for a long time, really.   I have problems almost all year round.  This was ridiculous, though, and so I decided it was high time I found a real doctor of my own.

It’s harder than it sounds.

The only reason I know it’s easier elsewhere is because of a few friends online from other parts of the country.  Even my mom says it’s easier in the part of the state where she lives, but I think that’s because she’s been being passed along a chain of doctors all her life in that area, and never had to wonder.

What I’ve been doing since we moved into our area is seeing a Nurse Practitioner, the same one that gives me my yearly Alien Probing.  She’s swell, very nice and gentle and competent.  What she isn’t, is willing to prescribe really helpful medication or procedures.  I’ve talked to her about PMS and my sinus and allergy problems for several years, and nothing more helpful than Afrin has been offered.  So… it was time to try for hardcore medical professionals.

The clinic didn’t agree.  Maybe I asked for the wrong doctor.  Maybe I give off the sucker vibe.  Whatever it was, they kept altering my doctor picks in my requests to the NP I was used to.  I kept replying “No, she’s awesome, but can’t or won’t help.  Our collective time and my money isn’t served by another visit.”  Honestly, I can recover naturally on my own. By on my own, I mean lower the bar for “baseline wellness” and be surprised when some of it recedes.  Tradition(!) as the old song says.

My mom said she could get me into a doctor down where they live. Awesome. Then she decided to start looking up where where I live.  Double awesome.

I did get in with an awesome new gyno, fairly easily, but GOSH, I had no idea how specialized people were.  I’m still on the prowl for final relief for sinus and allergies.  I found an allergist that would see me in another month.  The best for a regular physician I could do is get waitlisted in a couple of places.


I can’t even fully encompass this.

Doctors.  Waitlisting you.

It’s not like I have obscure insurance. It’s not like I’ve got a ton of preexisting conditions.

Anyway, the adventure was kind of fun, in a very frustrating kind of way, when I had time to step back.