My Office

We’ve been recently reassured that there won’t be a need to rip our floor up in the Underground Lair, so, I’ve been taking time to get The Underground Office back in order.  I wish I had some before pictures to share, but the “Middle” pictures would look a little before-like without them.  Exercise has been had in the form of bringing boxes of books and office supplies down, as well as some of the shelves and furniture that had been moved back in the previous summer to make room for the half-trained gorillas that put in our waterproofing system.  Then we had to fix the drywall and repaint, and refloor.

I really love my new floor.  I’m a sucker for the checkerboard pattern.

My husband overloaded the wire-frame shelves in his office, breaking the plastic flanges holding them together.  With zip-ties, and a respect for the material, I re-assembled them for at least temporary shelving in the office.  They’re working great, now.  I have a lot of crate-type shelves, and they now hold my texts and comics and some of my unread books.  I’ve got another modular shelf and a fairly epic set of runnered baskets that I’ve got my supplies in, now.

We also got a lot of stuff from my husband’s grandfather and aunt, and some of those are now doing business in here.  Most notable are the awesome sewing desk and the more efficiently built stereo cabinet. The desk is crazy awesome with the storage and appearance though I need to alter to hold the newer sewing machine I got for some special purposes.  It sits now perpendicular to my computer station so I can just roll around (have I mentioned I love my new floor?).  The stereo cabinet is off to the side on the wall with the other outlet.  It’s got lots of extra storage for its size and along with the other shelves (that I rather hope to replace with something more attractive later this summer), Most things have a place.I still seem to lack what I call a “pull it all together” gene, because I never do feel like any of my rooms look like the rooms of real adult people with a unifying aesthetic or ability to just “make it look right.”  I try, but danged if I just don’t feel like I hit it.  Maybe if I was insanely rich, I’d pay a interior decorator to consult with me and help out with the follow-through on theories.

I think, perhaps deludedly, that if I can really make my office satisfy me, then I will be able to kick the rest of the house in the rear and finally feel a little more adult.


My RPG Project

Confession, time, I’m far more easy to please than I seem about some things.  The basic dissatisfaction that fuels a lot of programming work just doesn’t often come to me.  My google-fu usually turns up something that satisfies me.  There’s a part of me that wants to just reinvent the wheel so I can say “Look! I did this!”  Note my calculator project and the time I made my own Dharma Initiative workstation so I could be interrupted in whatever I’m doing so I can input The Numbers.
[Aside: It occurs to me not that Dharma Timer could be integrated into a fun productivity app, and perhaps I could mess up more things when someone fails.]
In that vein, I’ve always admired the chat rooms.  I’d been thinking about trying to make my own version to use privately– because part of me always expects any fantastic site to disappear, and because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I was starting one of these after my php/SQL class when my husband mentioned a site to conduct and coordinate online RPGs– with a database for tables and a virtual game-master’s screen.  So chat, messaging, storage.  I started trying to reinvent the wheel in earnest.
For the present, the chat portion of this project is borrowed from a freeware chat program.  This makes me feel quite bad, but I also include it as a learning experience.

Security will be my primary learning experience, I imagine.  Right now, I’m not pretending that I’ve got it locked down.  Basic log-ins is most of it.

I’m sticking, primarily, with php and mySQL, so far. My tendency is to take the tool and use it until it breaks and I have to start looking at something else.

My last, currently hiatused, project was a project manager application that I finally decided I should redo in VB or C# for easier file saving and loading.  It might get altered and added to the gaming app, or maybe the equally hiatused CMS I’ve been playing with through 3 programming platforms.

My ADHD-esque brain runs around from interest to interest, but I’ve managed to document what I want and need to do on this “big” project, and that’s kept me on target so far.  The fun of checking items off gets my little brain a kind of high.  Accomplishment highs are really keen, and I pursue them relentlessly.