Why Yes, I HAVE Been Making Things


On the left is the sweater I just knitted and on the right are the crocheted socks I finished recently.  The socks are a gift I haven’t sent out, yet.  I’m keeping the sweater.  I’m really selfish like that.

I’m thinking very hard about doing some things that I might want to sell, or give more regularly.  I have several ideas, but I haven’t really given myself over to any of them.  I feel like I need a schtick if I’m going to open a storefront.

That’s kind of the same thing for my little code-ideas and my writing.  I feel I need more of a schtick.  I don’t want to re-invent the wheel all the time.  Of course that’s a good way to learn.

I really like the sweater.

I’m less thrilled about the socks.  It’s my first time with that yarn and that pattern, and they’re a little bulkier than I had hoped, but they make good boot socks or house socks, especially if one put some of the puffy paint on the soles.  Most of my crocheted socks come out a little chunky.  Crochet’s just a thicker material, although the lace it makes can be gorgeous.  I’m still in love with the dress I made last year.  I think I’ll make another.

Wonder Woman and Illyria are still in the production stage… I might work harder soon with Halloween coming up.  I’ve got a dress I want to make, too, from the pretty brocade I got on sale.  If I stopped doing anything else, I could make some awesome things for the house that is falling apart around me and that I can’t let anyone in while appointments go unmade and various things pass and go undone.  I need a schedule coach.  Absolutely.

Long Time, No Post, Con Report

So, I just had another birthday. Let’s hear it for surviving another year!  It’s well worth a celebration.

I’m not quite where I want to be, but I’m still working when I can on it.  I’ve learned new things, tried new things, and done new things, so I can’t call it a total loss.

We took our big, frivolous trip over my birthday weekend to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.  We had hoped to get a glimpse of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, but had to settle for just Shatner.  So, that’s one off the list of things I want to do.  I saw a lot of things, really, and got to see a friend in real time meat space I’d not seen before.

Now, though, it’s time to get back to life.  I have a ton of pictures to upload and one of the sweater I finished and the socks I’ve almost finished.   Those will get put up, later.  A full-on picture post of doom.

Things about Dragon*Con, for now. ..

First:  Oh my gosh, the crowds.  It was insane.  It was occasionally something to fear the crush of.  I couldn’t get over all the people crushing back and forth in what was, in fact, a pretty huge space.  It felt like a tiny corridor.  Even if I did get out of Gen Con without a case of con crud, I was absolutely taken down within hours of getting home with a serious case.

Second:  Costumes.  There were SO MANY people in costume.  Some bad, some awesome, some totally outre.  I’m pretty sure dressing in the minimal amount of stickers isn’t really a costume and it annoyed me beyond words. It wasn’t even dressing up as something.

Third: The hotels.  I was in one that was by far the most artsy and James Bond-esque hotel that I’d ever been in.  Everything was oddly sculptural.  It was all mood lighting and strange lines.  They didn’t have a single vending machine in the place and the most outrageous courtesy bar I’d been in a room with.  $10 for two small vending-machine type packs of Oreos.  Insane.  It was gorgeous and annoying.

I’d like to know why most hotels don’t give decent light, even in the bathroom.  It’s hard to put makeup on in the dim and not look like a moron.  Good thing I wasn’t going for any specific look other than “Not splotchy” this time.

Truth though, it was awesome.  I boggled over everything, and would love to go back more organized sometime. Words don’t cover it.