Costumes of the Sewing Newb

I decided that, yeah, I could sew.  It’s mostly following directions, right?  Of course it is.  My friend’s encouragement and excitement over the coming con season helped.  I chose River’s battle dress from the final fight of Serenity as my first project because the actual dress itself looked simple, and it was deceptively so… the studs took a long time, and some of them don’t want to stay on.  The second batch of hot fix studs I got were not as enthusiastic about sticking as the first.

Finished Product:

Finished River Dress
River Tam/DKNY Knockoff Dress

Of course it’s never enough, is it?  I had to try to make my own weapons:

My first fake weapon.
My First Fake Weapon Attempt

In the midst of this, my husband learned about a costume contest at Gen Con for Legend of the Five Rings.  I didn’t know his request was anything more than wanting to dress for the party, at first, but then… I learned I was making not “just” a kimono, from just some material issued to me, but something to be seen and criticized.  Oh, yeah.  I was SO ready for that, right?

I’m just grateful he wore it and pretended it was great.  He’s a good husband, and I’m still sorry it wasn’t as awesome as most of them.

It slowed me up on my Illyria costume, but you know what?  Now that we’re getting LASIK done, I won’t be able to wear the contacts that week, anyway, so… I’m putting it off, even though I do now have a dummy to get the patches on right with.

Instead, I got some pleather and threw together a Sage (Tessa Niles) costume, because I found some nice shades and I always wanted her powers.

Sage Costume
This picture doesn't have the gloves, and does have the face-covering phone, but that's okay, today.

I’m also working on a Kingdom Come Wonder Woman costume, but the bodice is a little more involved than I’d imagined, so… that might not make it out this season.

I’m grateful for my husband and friend, Jen’s, support and encouragement, but I’m so very newb, here.

Usually, I tend to think being “a smart person” means being good at things when one puts one’s mind to them– unless they’re things like singing and art that take more than just the ability to comprehend and execute and go beyond that into needing an essential spark of talent to make them right.  I neglect the value of practice, sometimes, but I think I’m going to stick with the sewing, because there are so many things I want to make, and so many options I see.