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River Dress
My First "Major" Machine Sewing Project
I haven’t abandoned crafts entirely, but this Summer has been a much more construction-oriented tilt on crafts.  We had a very trying encounter with basement flood proofing which lead to re-drywalling and soon re-tiling of the floor in my bedroom suite.  The lower picture is a snapshot of what we’ve been doing there to fix the ugly mess that was.

In between time, I’ve been getting more serious about constructing garments.  That’s a reproduction (that is not quite done being reproduced) of a DKNY dress that also happens to be the dress River Tam wears during the final battle in “Serenity.”  So it’s a pretty sundress and a costume when we go to Dragon*Con over labor day weekend.  I look forward to wearing it with pride of construction.

A friend also got me to convinced to do Illyria, but I suspect this time it’ll be a “Illyria in street clothes,” because working with stretchy and non-stretchy material together is harder than I thought… as is making all my own measurements and bits.

I’m still working on the raglan knit sweater, because I keep sidetracking myself.  It’s almost done, but keeps getting set aside, and will, because I have a few more ideas for “clothes-like” costumes that can be packed very nicely.

So much for that update.

My Office Wall
My Office Wall (Neither Before nor After)