Speech to My Dream Infiltration Team (After Inception Blew Our Cover)

Okay, so what we have here is a bunch of flashy Hollywood types telling out secrets to the world.


That’s right, I said great.  It’s great.  Once people start thinking about it, they’re going to get so paranoid that we’ll be able to walk right in their mental front doors, as it were, and they’ll be busy jumping at their own shadows, the neuroses that are making them absolutely bugnuts crazy.

They’re going to be looking for DeCaprio, and we’re going to be giving them Fred the Pizza Dude.

Stop snickering, Mindy, we all know you’re still watching Supernatural and you should be ashamed.

Now, I know people are asking more incisive questions about what you do for a living, but you just keep telling your mother that you’re doing freelance editing, or collecting social security or… oh, working the poker circuit.  Whatever, you feel like.  Yes, Mason, video games is a good answer, as long as no one asks to see.

What we’re going to do tonight is go back into Nolan’s head, and make sure he gets Claire Danes to play me next time… he just didn’t get the subtlety… maybe we can do something about this “Dark Knight Rises” thing.  I love those movies.

This Winter Life

That’s the latest chapeau. I liked the way the navy an purple ended up looking together. I do not usually pride myself on my color sense.

Honestly, I sometimes think I miss out with my color conservatism. This isn’t the time for that, however. It makes for hat #4 in the Christmas series, which may just be an exercise in unwanted presents. Again, I could go into some whole self-esteem fueled interlude that I’ll skip for now.

It has recently occurred to me that I need an idea coach. I, have learned a lot of really neat techniques in code and design lately that I have some inklings of how I would like to use them for example and display, but they’re not full enough of ideas. I need someone to say “make this.” Actually, I could use one for writing, too, sometimes. Once I get a shiny conceit, it can be hard to find the real plot idea, and vice versa. A boss/sidekick would be so fantastic at times like these. Where do you fid those.

While they’re at it, they could pick my next stash-busting project. I just discovered he destash section of Etsy and bought another awesome and inexpensive pattern book. It’s got beadwork in it! There are jus way too many excellent things to do. I’m not even getting into languages to learn… Of course I really need to learn to be comfortable with people for that.

I realize that I’m a non-successful writer an perpetual student of programming and haven’t been able to land a steady job, and… I freeze with shame in the face of the employed and monied and successful. I know I’m smart. I… Then realize that I don’t have a lot to talk about, at least that I’m comfortable with. I am not as up on the news ad many of them and feel gauche talking about politics, anyway. I am best versed movies, books, and television because I imagine myself one day creating such things and they interest me, but when I’m out it seems to me they’re not preferred subjects of discussion and analysis.

Fitting in has never been my forte. That worries me when I consider writing characters that ARE well-adjusted that way.

Well holidays are coming, and I imagine my head a I will have some time alone together to deal with all this.

Merry Christmas.

Working On Holidays

I’ve been working away, when not distracted by such “insignificancies” as getting someone to look at the roof and fretting mildly over mysterious appearances of the “Check Engine” light on the “good” car, and getting ready for finals, on hats and small Christmas presents.  The first picture, however is not one of those.  It’s the first sweater I ever made, and I found it folded in the bottom of a trunk of winter clothes.  It still fits!  It still keeps me warm!  The sleeves are still a little long and baggy, so I have to roll them up.


This is the knit hat I’m still in progress on… before I had to frog it and reboot because I was losing stitches in there.  I’m back to that spot, now and if I hadn’t been so ADD yesterday, I’d have finished.  It’s from a craftzine.com pattern.  #75, I think.


This, is the child’s raglan sweater I crocheted from the template I linked in a previous entry, I believe, but if not here’s another link to a post about it.  I’ve got a few doubts about the neck size, and decided to go with 3/4 sleeves, but if nothing else, it’ll fit one of her dolls, I think.


And finally, the roll-brim hat I got from the lion yarn site.  I have not had much luck hunting for this pattern but it was one of the free ones that came with the newsletter at some point.  I think it’s cuter in person.


Me vs. A Sea of Endless Patterns

When I start a new knitting or crochet project I’m just so excited.  It’s all new and fresh and I’ve already forgotten about how hard it was to pick it out and be sure I have everything together– the latter being by far the least difficult part.  I’m going to have this GREAT THING to keep or give, and soon!   Perhaps I even have some new tool to use, or there’s a technique I’ve never tried before– what will happen!  I’m practically vibrating with the near-scientific-method joy of it all.

Then I get going, and maybe I’m not seeing it come together like I imagined, and I start looking at the instructions, and wondering if I pictured it wrong.  This is a particular problem if there are no pictures, or none other than one particularly unhelpful one of the item in use.  Perhaps I start to lose faith, or at least interest because this is going poorly (or well) and there are so many more patterns and different yarns in the future, and really don’t I need/want to be working on one of THEM now?  Really?

Maybe I even come up with a reason to start one of those other projects.  I might need something “smaller” to take on a trip, or something “with a simpler stitch” to work on during a busy time.  Even more insidious is when I decide I need something totally different and specific for a specific gift-giving time or purpose.  So I get out another project– possibly with a deadline!  Deadlines equal built in adrenaline rush!  That’s a free high, right?

If you make it, it is.  If you don’t… then it’s a free trip on the self-flagellation train.  Everyone loves to ride that train, right?  Well, I know I must, because I take lots of excuses to do it.  So, let’s say I did.

When I get off at “Back where I started” station, there it is, the abandoned project.  It’s standing there with its coffee and it’s glaring at me.  “About time!” It’s saying.  “This coffee was instant and it’s getting cold!”

I buy it a latte at Starbucks and we get back to work.  It’s developed its own personality by now and I’m just wanting to get it finished and put it to rest. (Finished projects, of course, have no personality because they’re busy being useful and the time you shared together is sort of like one of those movie bachelor parties in Las Vegas– never to be spoken of again.)

It happens, sooner or later, and everything’s GRAND!  I’m wearing/giving/using my new project for the first time (because it has to happen RIGHTNOWOMG!).  Then the little dance of maker superiority is over.  I sit back down.

I look around.

Okay… what now.  I have nothing to craft with my hands now.

So it’s back to my notes on ideas to slug away at myself and the piles of pictures and patterns I manage to gather with crazy regularity.  I’m excited!  Only….

… Which one!


They’re all pretty darn useful and/or awesome, or I wouldn’t have saved them.  Sometimes the stash can break a tie (I type tie, here, but is it really a tie when it’s between a half dozen or more things?) and I choose based on yarn that I had to have or was on a crazy sale way back when.  Sometimes it’s not that simple and I’ll change my mind a dozen times before actually starting on something… and in the meantime more patterns will show up and more “needs” will reveal themselves until I am, in fact, just basically sitting in a huge mountain of potential.

It’s kind of a metaphor for my life, but that’s another story.

Another New Hat


This one is from a lion brand yarn “roll-brim hat” pattern. I used plain worsted weight yarn, but the pattern called for cotton. I’ll fix this later with a link. I’m posting from my phone because we lack internet right now.

Yes, I am frustrated.

CSS3: Coming to the Party (Late)

I’ve been intrigued by the zen garden aspects of CSS since I discovered the CSS Zen Garden site years ago.  While I’m largely self-taught on the subject, I like that it continues to intrigue me what I can accomplish with different stylesheets on the same html page.

Never one with the budget or the patience for a lot of image manipulation, and an old-school pleasure in smaller load times, it thrills me how easy it is now to create gorgeous text effects and make beautiful sites and effects without any graphics, or minimal at most.   On the other hand there are some interesting ways to frame things with the border-image property, that I’m having a lot of fun playing with.

My design skills are not the most highly refined, but I can sit and play with the options with a sense of erector-set glee that I used to reserve for legos and blocks as a kid.  It’s part of the fun of writing pages by hand.  I’m working right now on a sort of mini-blog-platform of my own, and part of the fun is the design.  My wordpress fu is still weak, so I don’t get to all the making my own design stuff here, so I have to get my jollies with basic CSS.  Enough of that, though.  That’s for another time.