Books I Want To Write

I won’t get specific here, but I have more ideas for ideas than I have actual ideas… and that is pretty frustrating, sometimes.  Actually, I think I plan to get specific, so I don’t know why I said that.  I’ll go general, probably make a list, then go ahead and fill in and get a little specific… or something like that.

  • Superheroes/Villains
    • I have a villain/anti-hero that I keep playing with in my head. I’ve put her in about a dozen different scenarios in my head, but so far when I start writing nothing quite works. I connect her a lot to the capers/office bits, trying to work things together to try to get it gelling.
  • Alternate Universes
    • This one’s more or less a sign of too much Jasper Fforde, but I sometimes think of my own take on the “fiction as its own reality” thing. It’s got a little more to owe to the Micheal Ende “Neverending Story,” but it’s always intrigued me.
    • This one I technically did write, sort of, it was the last NaNoWriMo I completed, and I really, really need to do an almost complete reworking of it. It’s a sort of fish-out-of-water/quest thing where there is a balance between our world and a parallel one and… oh it sounds terribly cliche, and I need to work on my world and supporting cast.
  • Time Travel Paradoxes
    • My ideas here are terribly vague, but I have some interesting ideas for mechanics and consequences and how you can/can’t affect changes. I have absolutely no plot and only the shadow of a protagonist and antagonist
  • Capers/Teams
    • I have a small series of archetypes for the members of a team, and really, I think it’s best suited for episodic adventures that don’t concern themselves with why’s much to start with, however, I have a few ideas that tie in with the villian/anti-hero thing.
  • Office/Magical Realism
    • I have about a hundred character archetypes and mini situations. I guess it’s really more suited to a series of shorts of vignettes, but as of yet, I haven’t put together a proper tie-together or enough material just casually thinking about it to get me going. I was going to do this for NaNoWriMo this year, but did not, being quite behind on my gift-making at this time.

I hate to say it, but I sometimes wonder if I’m just a big bag of cliche.  I know I need to up my focus.  Truth:  I hate to abandon any idea, but maybe some aren’t for me to use.  Maybe yes.  Maybe no.  Still, I think I’m always going to have more things I want to write than things I do write.