Short Update


  • Yoga socks are coming along nicely.
  • First test in class was a success
  • Bees (hornets actually) in the eaves of the house are exterminated.
  • I sealed the leak in the outgoing pipes in the underground lair.

I’m getting interested in the Visual Basic Studio, now.   It took a few weeks, but I’m starting to enjoy the possibilities.

Other possibilities I’m enjoying:  the temporary melding of three or four ideas into on ‘verse to fight it out for primary narrative.  Yay big-girl writing, right?  Not counting those last few sentences, of course.

Finally! The Dress! Pre-Fall Musings

The Lace Dress I Worked On For Way Too Long
Finally! I Finished It!

So I finally finished it.  After having to reorder yarn and restart the bodice and taking many side-projects on, I finished the dress.  I plan to wear it tomorrow to church.  I think it looks pretty good, even over the entirely wrong clothes and in a telephone camera picture.

Now, I’m working on my first knitted socks and using multiple double-ended knitting needles.  It’s kind of a juggling act, at least to start, and I had a total moment where I looked at the beginning configuration and thought, “this looks a lot like the little stick guys from ‘The Blair Witch Project’.” I’m liking the results so far, after a few false starts.

Everything else is going well.  I’m cruising through class so far, liking the possibilities of Visual Studio as I think about it, but kind of bemoaning some of the finer points I’m not learning (yet, at least) of the language.  I’ve put C# on hold for the moment, but I doubt I leave it there long.

“The Artist’s Way” is still going through my head– or I’m going through it– and I’m getting to a part where I’m a little at odds with the “message.”  I think Chapter 6 is a little too simplistic, but I have been thinking carefully and writing my morning pages (even if sometimes lately I don’t get a lot else in because life is kind of full lately both of good and bad).  I think it has actually been helping me to think through some of my issues.  I’ve had some “ah-hah” moments so it’s nice psychologically.  When I “spank” my inner artist child and get some edits and stuff out, we’ll see how the rest has gone.

Which is all to say:  I need really complicated instructions and stuff to think what everyone else seems to just know.  On the other hand, maybe not.  I have always tended to just think everyone has access to secrets and procedures for life that I just don’t grok.  Maybe… and this will be hard for me to grasp, because I’ll be waiting to be proven wrong… maybe there is no “next level stuff” going on just out of my line of vision.  Sometimes there is.  I’ve been made aware of it, often after the fact.  Sometimes, often, however, there is not.

That’s comforting, and I think I’ll just take that with me as I consider what my heroine is going to do next and work on my comfy socks.

School’s in for Fall

So, it’s back to school for the semester– slowly but surely.  This semester I’m taking Visual Basic (and setting aside the C# text for the moment).  I was quite adept with C++ and Original BASIC, still am, actually, but it’s cool to learn anew.

I’m just a tad “disappointed” with how much Visual Studios does for one.  The quotes are because I think the program’s very neat, and I shouldn’t eschew modern convenience, but the thing about coding is I like coding.  It’s fun.  I like making up logic, and not copy-pasting and drag-and-dropping things all over the place.  We’re getting in to some actual coding, but gosh.  Hand coding isn’t evil, people!

Speaking of things done by hand– I’ve been getting some extra exercise scything weeds that way.  Really, though, I was getting to my yarncrafting.  I’d be done with the dress I’ve been dallying over if I hadn’t run out of yarn, again, in the last rows.  Next week, though.  I gave my Grandma-in-law her house-socks I made for her– but it seems I lost the picture I took before giving them, so… my word is what will have to be taken for their cuteness.  I’ve got pictures of the little hat and scarf set that is belatedly making its way south to my cousin’s daughter, but I’ll save SOME of the surprise by not posting them.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten out some of the sock yarn I picked up and am making the cutest “yoga” socks from it.  Just started today.  I’ve never done the multi-needle-rounds thing before, but I’m looking forward to it.

Back to classes, or “classes,” I’ve gone my own way about going through “The Artist’s Way.” Inspired by Mur Lafferty’s blog and vidcast.  After a quick read/listen through, I decided to actually go through week by week.  I’m on week 4 now, and that involves a moratorium on “reading” (which I kind of take to mean most “extra” media, but I’m still watching a little TV, listening to a few podcasts, and I bring up IM to talk to and play with people there I don’t see IRL, because that’s like using the phone, and DANG! they can’t ask I don’t do that [I can see that my creative urges have gone far toward the area of justification]).  Though I kind of bet I’ll be going through it again, sometime, as a refresher, I think I’m gathering a lot just now.  I’ve gathered the strength to get out some manuscripts I’ve known for a while need a serious edit/rewrite/overhaul, if nothing else.  A bad first draft doesn’t mean I’m a failure. I think I might want to repeat that a few times.

While I am, I’ll just sign out here and word at you again later, world.