Where I Am

So, I’ve still not been able to travel and get the gifts given out, so those pictures are not for showing. I’ve got two or three gorgeous patterns put aside for next project status. I plan to have the dress done before my birthday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the house and planning and cleaning, but some issues have held me back from big action. It’s discouraging, but I remind myself how awesome it will be, eventually. Outdoors, I have continued to fight weeds and watch my garden plats be green, healthy-looking, and totally non-productive. The carrots are fine, but the tomatoes, strawberries, and broccoli are just plants. That’s profoundly discouraging.

Fortunately, I’ve got a class to take this semester to distract me: Visual Basic. I kind of miss my earlier classes (dating myself) in which it was all hand-coding. Here was more a sense of accomplishment she I made something pretty.

I’ve been auditing an online creativity course, and the next “project” involves not reading for a week (I’m not counting The Bible in that, and maybe not games, because that’s writing, too & I have three weekends of almost no Internet coming up). So, that is something to contemplate. I get the point of it. When I don’t do my normal timesinks I do get more amped with code and some ideas. It’s still going to be tough.

Report ends.

Reading, Writing, and Knitting: My Creative Thoughts

I’ve still not given away my present crafts, but I am particularly pleased with the way the knit ones came out. Knitting is my secondary yarn-craft skill, and I’ll always be impressed when something works. So, I’m pleased, and can vest back to finishing my dress.

Slightly more poignant, if not important, is writing. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, mostly what stops me and my b.s. fears regarding it.

I heard from a podcast I listen to about a work called “The Writer’s Way” and I sought it out. I think it has some very useful and interesting perspectives. Most of them, I’m still digesting. It does seem (per some of the book’s comments) that when I start thinking seriously, the motivators are there. We ran into someone that reminded me that success isn’t just for exotic people I never see. This time it motivated me to rededicate instead of retreat. (The social aspect, that’s another story, for another insecurity time.)

So, that said, I’m trying to get some real writing done every day, as well as some real reading to remember what else is going on. I’m currently on track with my book-a-week goal, but I admit some are comic trades. Still, I am cautiously pleased with myself, in my creative aspect.