Report From The Drier Side

Still keeping mum on the gift-crafts for the moment. I’ve got the one for Grandma M done, though. Pretty proud of it, too. The swatching done for the other. I really love when my stash happens to have what I want already.

I also finally got around to putting the Woot! Bag of Crap hard drive into the desktop computer, but I’m short some wire. So, that remains to be done. Still, not bad for $8.

I have also been busily trying to make my home watertight. I’m newly acquainted with various sealants and new hoses. It is with baited breath I await serious rains.

Finally, a friend and I are working on a little glossary project. That, too, will be mentioned when it is at a more advanced stage.

I think that covers my mysterious state for now. I feel very much the tease…

Things At Some Kind of Limbo State.

I’ve taken time off from the endless and extra carefulness of making the lace dress-top to make some gifts. I’d show pics, but then the surprise would be ruined. Consider this a promise of future pics.

Likewise, the Summer storms have reminded us that our lower level is not as water tight as one might want. I find this depressing and shall speak no more upon it.

I’m A Grown-Up, Promise

Dress Progress
Progress as of 7/5/2010 of Lace Dress

I’ve been having a a few moment that can be defined pretty much like Allie’s at Hyperbole and a Half.  All of it, now.  That’s kind of what I want to do, always.  Then in a mental explosion, the realization that nope, I can’t, hits and it kind of paralyzes me.  I gaze at my To Do/Want To Do list and freeze, at least in part.  There are little things I know I can do

every day, little chores, and I do them.

I’m back in the position of trying to grasp larger projects and force myself into taking the baby steps for completing them.  I want to write more.  I want to take little bites out of actually improving my house.  I would like to stop comparing.

Anyway, still working on the dress– lace is a killer, tiny mini-projects and about a month where I barely crocheted or knitted at all, those are my excuses.  Here’s a picture of my progress as of last week:

I’m pleased with how it’s looking. That was a phone picture. Sorry for the quality.

So, that is that. I’m looking forward to getting my crazy inner child in line. Aren’t delusions grand?