Activity Round-up

Doughnuts I made
Some of the Doughuts I made
Easter Bunnies
Easter Bunnies
Crochet Poncho
Crochet Poncho

Here’s another round up of my recent ‘notable’ activities on the craft and cooking front.

As usual, baking-heavy is the word.  I’m just squicked out to the max (Uh, huh, I was wearing my 80’s legwarmers when I typed that, they appeared right on my legs) by raw meat.  I got two awesome recipes: A Krispy Kreme copycat, and a Cinnabon copycat.  They both turned out exceptionally well.  I don’t have any pictures of the cinnamon rolls, but I do have one of some of the doughnuts.  That was my first experience working solo with a fryer, and I have to say, even though I melted part of the plastic cover to the fryer, I didn’t hurt myself and I loved how fast they fried.  I also loved the doughnuts.  I’m a pastry fiend.

I took some time off the slow-moving dress project to make some bunnies for Easter.  They turned out pretty well, except for the fact that I am not the best with the embroidery and the faces are a little goofy.  I gave them to my aunt and she seemed pleased with them.  It was amazing how quickly the little things came together.

The blue poncho is an old project that I found when I was looking for one of my sweaters and I forgot how cute it was.  The picture here is just to show off.

Spring has come, so the yard is getting some of our attention… not as much as it should, but some.  I lost my motivation after the epic poison ivy one year and then the almost non-existent real spring and summer last year.  Maybe this year I’ll be in the mood again… if sinus/allergy doesn’t further discourage me.

I’ve been making some profiles and banners almost compulsively, I think I might be improving some of my graphic design skills– or I might just be lowering my standards.   I’ve also taken a skeleton snippet of to-do list code and modded it into a very functional editor… which I’m thinking about expanding, and possibly merging with the small blogging platform I’m messing with.  Nothing worth showing, though, yet… because I’m having a few bugs in the platform, mostly, but also because I’m just feeling non-braggy today.