Won’t Someone Think of the Children

I read a few days ago that they are going to try making a movie version of “A Wrinkle In Time” again, theatrical instead of made-for-TV this time. It’s still a Disney property. I feel the exact same squee/hate emotional dichotomy that has become very familiar to me over the years. The sad truth is that as much as I want a true adaptation of this book that has been so important to me, I know in my gut that it’s just going to be a mess. Even so, I’ll be unable to look away JUST IN CASE.

It all started with “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Theough the Looking Glass.” That was my first love, book-style. I’d seen the Disney cartoon first and I still like it seperately ( and the recent Tim Burton “sequel” which is far more related to the cartoon from the parent company than he source material, but more on that, later). Even so, I wanted so much for someone to take it and make an adaptation of the story I fell in love with rather than some “related” story that had mostly a nodding cousin acquaintance with it. I watched every adaptation (including a somewhat satisfying if full of painful costumes and musical numbers miniseries on network TV) and was always somewhat disappointed if not outright pained. This was my first, ongoing, lesson.

Another notable source of canon-anguish has been The Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis. Again, I saw the, admittedly, abbrieviated cartoon adaptation of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” and kind of loved it before being old enough to read the book. I had, in fact, almost forgotten the cartoon when I found the book with the intriguing title that broigt the dreamlike memory back to me. Then, joy! I found there was a WHOLE SERIES! I was in bookworm heaven!  So of course I read them all, and they were of varying interest to me, but as a whole, they were good.

Then the movies came (I’m skipping the BBC adaptations because I they’re a different creature, and I get kind of personal about the kids, who annoy me).  The first one was a pretty good try. I applauded the effort.  However, Prince Caspian was marketing to the Lowest Common Denominator personified.  Everything was sacrificed from plot to characterization to make it a “rollicking action yarn,” and there was no reason.  “People won’t understand the flashback sequences” some said.  I would have to beg to differ, lots of movies have been made where backstory comes in flashback.  The mangling of the character of Peter, the demand that Susan somehow channel Xena, it was all a mess.  It was even more of one than I’d imagined and I’d come in thinking the one thought: “Won’t someone think of the children.”

That thought had been mostly a joke.  I mean, I’m a book geek, and a canon fiend, and the fact that there would be kids out there getting their first exposure to this and thinking this was the “real” story galled me.  It galled me in an “I can laugh at myself” way, but when I came out I was so annoyed.  Why do people have to make up their own stories, when they’ve got perfectly good source material?

I have no answer.  I wish I did. Maybe I did when I started writing this and I’ve now forgotten.  What I do have is scads of annoyance and piles of books I’m going to go hug and tell “don’t you ever change.”  Know what?  I know they won’t, and they’ll still be there… until we all forget how to read.  That, of course, is a tale for another day.

Keeping up with my ‘busy’ schedule

Finished Crocheted Chenille Bolero
Crocheted Chenille Bolero (Finished)

To the left is a phone picture of my latest project, a crocheted chenille bolero.  I think I did the border a little different than in the original pattern, but it fits and is delighfully soft and comfortable.

My current project is a lacey dress, or at least an overdress.  I actually bought yarn for this one, specifically.  I’m kind of excited and hope this comes out well, because I have plans for wearing it to a reasonably nice dinner.  This would be a first for me, but I do think it’ll dress up the sheath dress I got at an incredible bargain when shopping with my mother-in-law at the Gap outlet store.

Other than that, it’s been pretty dull around here.  Still trying to balance time between research and pre-work and actual work and homework, and trying to keep from reinventing the wheel, except where it’s completely awesome to do so.

No pictures, but I did make both cake and brownies from utter scratch for the first time recently, and found both a smashing success.  They’re encouraging me to make Doughnuts later this week, and those I will definitely picture, because I am a complete doughnut junkie.  Making them for the first time will probably be one of the highlights of my year.

What I’ve Got Going On

I’m going to start with a confession:  I wussed out on the calculator project and looked up a completed one to compare.  I’d let it sit, getting distracted by reading up on WordPress and other little momentary distractions.  I’ve also not made a ton of progress on the little hand-coded blogging platform I’d been playing with.  What I am doing is making a list of things I’d like to do or see and reading some interesting resources on code that are getting me a little more modern on my CSS knowledge.  I think my thirst to know absofreakinglutely everything– in general and often before making a move– is a hold-back here, but a fun one.

Writing-wise, I’m doing a little every day, but I find my main obstacle is my resurgent urge to brainstorm and list and plan… after a point, that’s not writing, or even pre-writing anymore and it’s procrastination.  On one project (and I’m trying to limit myself, honest), I think I’m to that “Crap or get off the pot” moment.  I might get off the pot, for now, at least.

As, always, the concrete results of crafts gets a nice pic dump and I’m all proud because these, I can point at and be “I did THIS!”  I am also proud to say I made them from stash-yarns so I didn’t add to my pile of yarn I managed to amass.  The following are pictures of the finished bolero from last craft post (knit), a bathing suit/cover up from cotton yarn (crochet) and the almost-finished chenille bolero (crochet) that I’ve been working on.

Bolero in progress
The Chenille Bolero in progress
Blue Bolero Completed
Completed Blue Bolero
Cover-top Only
Crocheted Cotton Cover-Top, Complete
Full Bikini/Cover-top Set
Full Bikini/Cover-top Set (Complete)
Bikini Only Complete
Complete, Bikini Only

Self-Education: I figured I’d Save the Money and Read to Myself

So, this semester, to save money and because and because  there weren’t any classes being offered this semester that would work with my course of study that had spaces and was at a time I could attent, I’m getting ahead (or catching up) at home.  I like being able to guide my own course.  On the other hand there’s not a lot of credit from the world for being self-taught. If there’s going to be a third hand, then it would have to be self-guided is… well, it’s self-guided, and Iwhen you’re doing that, you have to keep on yourself and be honest about what you are and aren’t learning.

I’m not bragging, but I am blessed with the gift of being a quick study.  That’s always been my main problem with organized education. When I’m ready to do something else, I’m ready to move on and do something else.  There’s way too much to learn and do to dwell.

Nowadays money is also a factor. There are way too many things to learn and do to afford them all.  I don’t know how families with more than one kid do it, to be completely honest.  If my husband and I had children I’d be very worried about how we were going to get them properly educated so the world would see.

For personal satisfaction, going to the library and online and feeding the elephant’s child at will is great.  Especially these days, there are so many resources available, and many of them free or terribly inexpensive.  Maybe I’ll do a post on some of my favorite resources.

Right now I’ll just admit I’ve got to get my inner schoolmarm working harder on my inner skive, lately.  Which is what I’ll do right now.