January Work Update

I finished the shawl that was my carry around for holidays project, and I’m pretty happy about how it came out.  It’s so soft and cute.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  Both this and the new project come from Lion Brand Suede yarn that I got at a great deal from Big Lots.  I have way too much yarn I’ve bought from there because it was pretty and cheap and yet I had no idea what I’d do later with it.  I have a ton of patterns around the house and bookmarked and on Evernote, and there is now a fantastic iPhone app for Lion Brand Yarn that just puts all their patterns at your fingertips.  That helps a lot.  The little cardigan I started after that is still in process due to having to redo the right front panel, and the fact that I’ve been so easy to distract these past few weeks.  I’ll be knitting and then– hey!– I’ll start chatting or clicking on web pages and articles or reading or writing… and that said… New paragraph.

I’ve been writing, but I have also been erasing, and a lot of it has been weird little brainstorm bits and ‘outlines.’  This year, so far, as been one of much sighing at myself.  I’m really thinking about changing direction in some way and cutting the project list again.  The two NaNoWriMo projects that I’m giving the Extreme Project Makeover treatment are often getting the stinkeye when I’m gong down my “What shall I play with today?” list.  I’m taking it as a sign, maybe.

Codewise, I’ve been working on a blogging platform that I’m not going to link to, right now.  It’s kind of an experience in getting used to CSS3 and ajax and php.  I do admit I’ve not played with my calculator in a while, but… no, that’s just laziness on my part.  I am really liking the rounded corners that are possible much more easily in CSS3.    My self-education is less efficient than actual classes, but I do get to do it all ‘myownself’ and go in the directions that interest me.  Of course, it’s not exactly acknowledged by the mainstream, self-taught-ness.

In trivially important decisions, I’ve gotten my general projects list back out and re-prioritized.  I look forward to wasting a lot of computing time to getting my DVD collection stored for use as well as my comics and maybe some of my books and cleaning out my digital and analog music collections and other, more useful, things (like more home and yard projects and reapplying myself to learning languages, etc.).

Below are pictures of the completed shawl and the in-progress cardigan.  I look forward to one of my first real adventures in blocking.

Shawl on
The Awkward 'on' Shot
Shawl draped over chair
Holiday Shawl Draped Over Chair
Cardigan in progress
Cardigan in Progress