Things I Suspect of Being Ruined by Corporate or Committee Medling: Part 1


I have bitched so many times  about this in various spots and to anyone who would listen. An original (original concept, as in not from one of the big comic book houses) hero with his own story and an interesting background getting his start in a movie format.  YAY, said my mind, and I dragged my husband out to the theater on the first Bargain Tuesday it was out.

The first 50-60% of the movie was as much as I dreamed.  It had flaws, it had cliches, but it had Wil Smith’s Hancock and Micheal Bluth (he was SO Micheal Bluth), and Charlize wasn’t even bothering me, although some “Huge Secret” was telegraphing itself so hard I thought it might strain something. [This could lead to ANOTHER rant, one about how movie and TV people seem to think their audiences are as stupid as possible, but I’ll save it.]

Then, suddenly, (and it did feel jarringly sudden), we were in another movie.  Charlize has super powers, too, and they’re some kind of matched set of superbeings that may or may not be aliens and being together drains the powers.  However, they’re IN LOVE TOTALLY OMG!  and that’s about the size of the real information there, I had to use capslock and ‘netspeak to get it across exactly how abbrieviated the whole thing is.  Bluth accepts all this blandly and accepts being second choice, even though they’re still OMG IN LOVE! and… the end…

I can’t hate the character of Hancock, but the whole last act was like an entirely different movie written by considerably less able scribes.  I have a feeling a focus group was involved somewhere, and I would like some kind of written apology.

Mini-Update on Crafting

I’m still on a sort of mental vacation, apparently.  I finished my second set of handwarmers, this time striped with scrap yarn.  They’re basically from the same pattern as the black ones from the earlier post.  I also am very near to finishing the shawl I mentioned then, too.  Here’s a better picture from a day or so ago.  I plan to finish it tonight.

I’m still working on some of the code projects I was talking about before, but I haven’t uploaded anything.  I’m trying to use the most basic comands and levels of programming I can on the Keep It Simple, Stupid philosophy, but, like the Bingo card, I imagine I might have to give in, in some ways.

Really, I hate to say it, but I haven’t made a ton of progress.  I’m still working on that fear thing with writing.  I’ve been doing a touch of storyboarding/brainstorming, but I keep slipping back into some of the inconsequentialish, not-work stuff.  So, that’s that, but I’ve been allowing mself to ‘just do it’ a little.

I really can’t wait to finish the shawl, it just feels so pretty.  After that, I don’t know.  I have a few afgans and scarves and a shrug I’m looking at, it depends what fits with the yarn I have around.  There’s an iPhone app for Lion Brand Yarn’s pattern library that helps you search based on yarns and types of pattern and sizes.  It’s pretty amazing.  As if I didn’t have enough patterns and sketches sitting around in the first place, now there are just a ton sitting at my fingertips.  That item has  fully paid for itself.  It’s kind of wrong how much I love that little thing.  My only complaint about it is that I didn’t get one of the ones with a larger hard drive.

Happy New Year

Well, given that I won’t be heading to Jupiter with Heywood Floyd to confront a Monolith… I probably should make a list of New Year’s Ambitions, right?

So, here’s my cliche list of those things.

  • Publishing in a ‘real’ market.
  • Coming up with more airtight plot ideas.
  • Using them.
  • Getting a new consulting gig.
  • Read a book a week (or 500 pages)
  • Finish as many craft projects as possible (hopefully at least 1 a month of some size).
  • Continue learning not to find my fellow humans intimidating.
  • Keep learning, always.  Specifically honing my code skills and possibly my linguistic ones.

There you have it, for better or worse.  Anything else?

First Craft PicDump of 2010

Pictured below are my current project, a shawl that I’m working on from my fairly large stash of yarns I’ve bought randomly because they’re terribly cheap at Big Lots (this time a variegated blue Lion Brand Suede). The picture was taken on my phone yesterday on a whim, so it’s a little blurry.  The other snapshot is one of the other fingerless glove patterns I have been working with.  I like the longer cuff, and the closed thumb.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to add the convertable mitten-cover for the fingers or not. It’s inconvenient, but nice.  I’m not a mitten fan, really.  I like having individual fingers.

I’m back to playing with some code-bits with the calculator again… and design and security for the little blog-platform.

Well, that’s it for now.

My Shawl in Progress (phone pic)
Fingerless Gauntlet/Mitten