We saw “Law Abiding Citizen”

I rather expected a seriously violent revenge fantasy from “Law Abiding Citizen” and that’s not exactly what I got. Vengeance was a major theme, it’s true, but it was a slightly more cerebral look at right and wrong with a candy shell of explosions.

[Gerard Butler] has his wife and daughter brutalu murdered (and, it’s implied violated) in the first few minutes of the movie. The hotshot assisant D.A. who is at least as concerned with his stellar win record as getting what justice he can makes a deal that puts the primay perpetrator of the crime back on the streets. Nine years later, a brilliant and grieving father emerges ready to get justice and illustrate the flaws in the system that had dealt so harshly with his family’s memory.
The methods and the poise [butlers] utilizes are impressive. Jamie Fox, as the D.A. gives a fine turn as the man who is theprimary focus of the lesson being taught. Unlike many movies that don’t offer anyone to sympathize with, almot every character in this movie has a life and soul to them. It is not hard to root for all of them, and one can hardly go wrong doing so.

Crafting Update

scarf10-20-09fingerless glovesWhat you see here is the progress on the latest project, a knit scarf (left), and the gloves I made a while back, but have been gotten out again, to recent critical acclaim.

I’ve gotten almost two food of scarf done, and I’ll just crow again about my mastery of garter stitch– because it’s a profoundly simple project.

The gloves, now, I’m a little more proud of, and plan to crank out some more this year.  They may be also half-fingered, or they may be full-fingered, but the gloves go quick.   Hopefully, I’ll be able to find my pattern.  They were very useful and praised when I wore them this weekend to the EIU Homecoming Parade. I went there with my husband and his parents to get the word out about him.  I was freezing, and it was a real task for me to be all talky-outgoing to the strangers.  I was so zoned by the end, that I totally strangered up to one of the people from church and felt stupid once my mind processed her face.

Anyway, my second brush with glove admiration, was when our new friend-types dropped by that night to guide us to the concert where one of them was to sing and play.  I don’t know if she heard me say I’d made them, but my gloves got the admiration.  So, I’m proud of that.

Gloves and tiara’s are topping up the ‘things for Christmas’ list.

Blood, Guts, and Pictures

Husband bought this sword at Archon
Husband bought this sword at Archon
Full picture of husbands new sword
Full picture of husband's new sword
Cake I made for lunch from a recipe
Cake I made for lunch from a recipe

I’ll just start this off with more pictures.  Everyone likes pictures of the minutiae of my life, right?  I know I do.

The top two are left over images from the Archon shopping.  Actually the design etched into this blade was someone else’s idea, but it looked so cool, my husband said “Me, too!” and got one like it.

I really  need a better camera, that’s one thing I have noticed.  These were taken on my phone, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

The third pic  is the fruition of one of the hundreds of recipes I clip from the internet and an afternoon of wondering what to eat.  I wanted something quick, tasty, filling, and comforting, as I was feeling quite a bit like crap (still) and mourning the passage of the summer.  I realized I needed to use up the open Egg Beaters container, and that I actually had the stuff for Mug Chocolate Cake. So, I took the chance, rolled it in confectioner’s sugar, and it was fantastic.  I look forward to doing it again, even if the mug I made it in was a bear to clean.

(Not So)Secret: I don’t mind so much when I make dish messes, because I know I am the one to clean them up.  Other folk doing it and blythely walking away is kind of annoying because… well because I’m insane, take it or leave it.

Anyway, by now, except for a cough and pressure-head I’ve mostly shaken the crapfest of a cold.  I’ll leave it at that.

We’re still plugging away at  the campaign and, to that end, have been making an effort to connect with people.  This is less pleasant now that early Winter is upon us, but I am admiring my husband’s perserverence.  I know I’m biased, but I really think he deserves to win this election.
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Typhoid Mary Buys Things

Pen I bought from http://www.gwynethmorford.com/metalbook2.htm at Archon
Pen I bought from http://www.gwynethmorford.com/metalbook2.htm at Archon
Second picture of the Gwyneth Morford Pen
Second picture of the Gwyneth Morford Pen
My Christmas Present, the pseudo science-goggles and artifact in gorgeous wooden box.
My Christmas Present, the pseudo science-goggles and artifact in gorgeous wooden box.

We went to Archon this last weekend, and of the pictures of stuff and people we took, these are the only pics I have on the computer to use right now (that would be of interest).

I wasn’t as impressed with the costumes as I usually was.  There were a lot more Steampunk costumes and more than a few Starfleet costumes.  Last year, my husband and I were the only two, so we’re just a touch superior-feeling, as we didn’t need the impetus of Abrams and (heaven help us) Red Matter to make us ‘join the fleet’, so to speak.

Okay, the pictures.  The pen in the (admittedly not the best quality) top two pics was hand-etched on request (and remarkably low price [under $20]) with a coiled dragon.  I feel such a creative badass (joke… or is it?) using my spiffy pen.

The smaller pic is a cropped image (because we didn’t win the other things), of the geegaw my husband won for my Christmas Present.  I should take closer pictures of the warning about the artifact and the goggles (use does not guarantee safety) and the ID tags.  The box and display are gorgeous, and the glasses themselves are really cute.  It, too, was an incredible bargain, as they wanted quite a bit more for the ‘buy it now’ price than he ended up paying.

There was gaming, too.  Let’s just say we ended up throwing the dice as British rock stars saving the world at the behest of John Lennon and leave it at that.

Other than that… still working on getting paper cred for various computer skills.  The Javascript class is moving– slowly, but moving.  We’re getting to stuff I didn’t already know, which is nice.  My love-affair with code is being rekindled, and I’m finding myself getting all caught up in little ‘what if’ moments and cranking out little snippets to play with, including scratch-building things I totally don’t have to (like a timer).  I am a crazy time-killer.

I’m also a crazy knitter.  Still putting effort into the scarf, I have mastered the garter stitch.  I am the master of the garter stitch! It’s fun to say that.

At least I’ve mastered something positive, as unfortunately, I’ve also mastered procrastination.  Well, I was always the master of that, but lately,  I’ve bounced back into overthinking things. I’ve got the neatest, best documented, unfinished/unrefinished stack of written work ever.  It’s a confidence thing.  It’s also a “Oh, crapfire, I see the plotholes and don’t know if I have the patch to fill them” thing.

I’ve also got a cold and, currently, a wicked headache I’m ignoring away.  Outwardly, I’m going to blame these things while I castigate myself on the inside.