Thoughts Late At Night

So I’m sitting here late at night in bed, playing with my iPod touch, anchored in place by two cats, and almost thinking. Technology gives us a lot. I am doing things right this second that I only imagined as a child.

I’m also a lot older than I imagined myself when I imagined doing them. I don’t feel bad about that, either. I’m taking steps. They’re slow, tiny steps, but I’m doing it. I’ve got several projects in mind and I am keeping up with my home duties.

This next year ia MY year. They’re all my years and I expect good things.

Possibly, I’m just sleep-punchy.

Goodnight, world.

Recent Activity Roundup

Finally getting a picture up of the afghan I made for my cousin’s new baby. The mint doesn’t pop up out in the picture like it does in person, but I do think I got the colors right.

Apparently, I also have a picture of the finished (or mostly finished, I have to sew on the handle and I’ve gotten more ideas for embellishments since then) version of my crocheted messenger bag I was making. Cleaning out my camera is fun!

In the currently working on section, I’m finally getting back to knitting and picking it up the second time around is a lot easier. I’m just working on a simple scarf right now, and I have no pics, but it’s fun doing something a little different. I’ve been very craft-light this summer, but I hope to change that soon.

I have also been tinkering behind the scenes on my husbands site,, and I’ve added an RSS Feed, which could use a little tinkering, too. There’s endless tinkering to be done there.

I’m thinking about adding a site of my own to that webspace (bluehost give you plenty), but I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been hashtagging on twitter about #TvsAbusedGirlfriend, and my ‘adventures’ with not being able to give up certain shows, but… well, time’s up. More next time.

This Was the August That Was

August, what did I do with my August besides learn that there pretty much is an app for everything… if you want to pay, and I often don’t. I also got out to see “District 9” (weak premise, good CG, engaging characters, not up to the buzz), “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” (I liked it better than “Goblet of Fire,” but maybe that’s because I hadn’t read the book recently), and “Inglorious Basterds” (I’m a Tarrantino fan, and a crazy Brad Pitt fan, but I never expected to kind of love Eli Roth for a second there as he mowed down Nazis from the balcony, it’s an AU win).

I also had a bad run in with an online friend who turned out to be not so much… and learned some valuable internal lessons about forgiving (more about that later, maybe).

Finally, I prepped myself up for my birthday, which I had this past Tuesday. In spite of the crazy busy that we have around here with my husband entering politics (sort of), my parents were able to come up and we all visited. It was very good, and all I really want out of a birthday. Maybe if I had a ton of friends I’d want a big party, but I don’t… so I don’t.

I ate at my favorite restaurants and had cake and got a few presents in the presence of the people I love the most. That’s what life’s about, right? Of course it is.

Today, I spent the rest of the birthday money I got from my parents– on makeup (most of the rest was books and DVDs). I’m newly fascinated by playing with face-color. Loreal’s High Intensity Pigments is kind of my current favorite because of it’s fantastically shiny silvers and golds.

Color-wise, it’s kind of hard for me to play much with lipsticks, because my lips are naturally dark. I had gotten some great lip-primer base that didn’t dry out or mess up the color of my lipsticks at a Sally Supply store once, but I finally ran out and haven’t been able to find more of the same or similar. It’s too bad, because I really loved the way it made it possible to really use some of my lighter lipsticks. I have times when I crave pale tan or pink lips and I have to work to have it show up like that. Anyway, that’s what inspires me to move on to eye-color, because that’s a lot easier.

Jumping around randomly, I noticed in an early entry I expressed my disappointment in the new Star Trek. All right, I’m still disappointed in it, but the hate is fading. The annoyances (especially Spock/Uhura and Effing Red Matter and how poorly Spock was written in general) are still dang annoying, but the good stuff (Karl Urban’s McCoy, the way that the spirit was in many ways respected) is starting to make me more accepting. Two words: Ship Porn. Show me more shots of the Enterprise and I’ll give it up for your film. I have always wanted to live on that ship. Excuse me while I go off and sigh about how this won’t happen without magic.

I’m back now. I’ve come to terms again.

So, yeah, forgiveness. The hardest part of letting go of things, when hurtful words have been said, is convincing yourself that the one person who spewed the venom isn’t right over other people who tell you it’s not. I know it’s not exactly right, but looking critically at myself is the biggest lingering effect. It’s a narrow line to walk, self-blame and other-blame. I’m doing it, though.

I win August.