I am a Crappy Sewer

I’ve been messing with my sewing machine, but whenever the lower thread falls through the bottom, I’m at a loss. I have very poor manual dexterity, apparently.

I really want to up my sewing proficiency, but I am a klutz. I’ll keep plugging away, but I think my true gifts lie with the yarncrafting. I am about to send off that afgan for the cousin’s wee baby. I’ll get a picture of that up before I do.


Finally, finally last week I used the fantastic craigslist to buy an iPod Touch. Got a great deal on it, and I love it just as much as I thought I would. It’s so thin, and I love having Evernote in my pocket all the time.

This morning I got my lazy on, when I’d usually be laying there not quite asleep, I pulled the iTouch out and quickly checked to see if there had been any action on my one RP chat (long, painful story there I don’t think I’ll tell), e-mail, twitter, and day’s weather. Fantastic. It helped me wake up and enabled me to just roll right out of bed. I love this toy. I am having a total techgasm.

I’ve always been a gadget geek. I love things that serve multiple functions, particularly. When the PS2 was also a DVD player, I just about had a fit to get one. So the iTouch was a huge want for me. I spent a few years convincing myself that it was too expensive and I didn’t NEED it, and it was true. I don’t. However, the right price came along and I am so very happy to have it, as it always is when the fancy techs come my way at long last.

One day, the ultimate toy, the tricorder, will be invented and I will be so jazzed.

I’m out of time here. There was a point, but I didn’t make it. Maybe next time

Well, I’ve Been Gone Awhile, Huh?

Like the title says, I’ve been neglecting keeping myself accountable here for a good while.

I kept up with the bread thing, and learned a BUNCH of new recipes. My favorite (even if I do have trouble with keeping the balance of wet/dry for kneading) to find was this one for Outback Steakhouse Bread. A friend got a breadmaker machine and talked it up so much that I decided to follow in her footsteps and keep my eye open at our local high-end resale shop. I got really lucky and found a nice one for $18. I love it! It’s like magic, and it has helped me get that Outback bread right.

Crochet found me working on a new pair of socks, and finishing up that messenger bag I had been working on (still need to line it I have been very lax in my sewing skills maintenance), finishing up a skirt, and a blanket for my cousin’s new baby. Oh, heck, picdump now.

Furthermore, my husband is running for Circuit Judge, so I’ve been throwing up a site for him. ElectEricNeumann.com is that site. I think the video isn’t bad for a guy who won’t write a script and gets impatient with more than one take. He’s a regular Christian Bale– but sweet.

Well that’s about the size of it. Just registered for my Fall Semester class, and it’s my first one that is actually in a classroom since I left grad school. First time in a classroom as a student in years. We’ll see how that goes. I am looking forward to it.

I’ve also amassed a ton more raw material for making things with and made about a million more notes for writing… now I have to synthesize all this stuff.

Time’s about up for allotted posting time wastage. Good to get some of this down ‘as it happens.’