Let’s go to the movies.

Well it seems like my old host has gone down and taken my files with it. So the transfer I was planning will not happen. How frustrating.

This week I’m looking forward to the new X-Men movie, against most sage advice. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and Gambit, though! I have to come to terms and admit that I do have hormones and that those hormones find these things worth showing up for. In the ‘legitimate reasons’ column, there are super heroes and explosions, and that is never bad.

I’ve always had a weakness for super heroes. I suppose it speaks to my desire for true purpose in life. You can fly and deflect bullets with your awesomeness, then it’s pretty clear that you need to be saving lives and stopping crimes. That’s noble and obvious. In spite of being one of the “gifted” kids, I’ve always kind of waited to be hit in the head with my “calling.” I don’t know where I got that idea. It’s romanticism of the highest caliber and I usually pride myself on realism and logic. It seems like all my favorite characters have that something special, a talent that is just undeniable. Looking for mine sometimes feels just a touch futile.

Anyway, I’m just the kind of girl who thinks about what her superpower is, even if it turns out to be super-wifing or speed-typing.

Now that I’ve seen the Wolverine movie (yeah, there was some slacking going on), I’m less concerned with my super powers and more concerned with them putting lack luster movies out for us. It’s the biggest “Look we’re setting ourselves up for other movies” movie I’ve seen in a long while… and Gambit needs to have a broad Cajun accent.

Actually, after last night, I’m two for two in the disappointment category. Star Trek had the look, and some of the acting and the biggest cop out in ages for discontinuity and aht downright stupidest tacked-on romance ever. I swear… I want to spoil, but you will cry and laugh and go home and watch the old episodes and remember how things ought to be.

Upside, it’s true enough that I’m hopeful about the upcoming Dark Tower adaptation.