Bread and Corsets

Even though the no-knead bread recipe talked about a dutch oven or the like, I tried with two loaf pans with one of them acting as the ‘lid.’ It worked wonderfully and I got a more loaf-like bread which is better for sandwiches and other standard breadlike uses.

I have to admit I haven’t finished the skirt or socks, yet, and I’m still just stitches from being done. Insert guilt here. I have absolutely no reason except laziness, and I haven’t actually been lazy. I have almost completed my tank-top twice, and I think I’m going to unravel it all again because I found a ‘lace’ pattern I like a lot better. That shirt and the new messenger bag I’m making are set to be my ‘current’ projects and I swear… I will put the finishing touches on the skirt or the socks THIS WEEK.

Sketching– not well, but with notes to remind me what I was going for– my new ideas has become my latest persona meme. My lack of talent stopped me before, but I got some really interesting ideas and I didn’t want to forget them before I got to them. I think my new ‘ideas’ notebook is going to make a big difference in my craft and work life. For instance I have this interesting idea for a cheogsam/ tunic that I have some great stitch and pattern concepts down for.

My other recent obsessions are a crochet corset and the knit kimonoes. It took me forever, but I have two corset patterns and a tutorial from Threadbangers on making a corset pattern as well as a few kimono style patterns and pictures to work from until I get that gorgeous book.

That’s all for now.

Death Note… The Good Kind

The latest anime fascination around this house has been Death Note. It’s a little more psychological than we usually take up with, being largely a mental chess match between the protagonist and his opposite number on the side of the law. I hate to spoil– as it’s not yet been a year since the U.S. release– but even though I was still excited to see the live action films as they were released here, the anime and manga has been all but ruined for me by the ending.

Let’s just say screaming like a bitch is no way for a man to go.

Getting that behind me lets me go on to the live action movies. We haven’t had the third one (which I’m told is a prequel) here yet, but the second was here only last week. Even though the plot had to be condensed and changed (much like Lord of the Rings) to fit into the foreshortened movie form, I can only wish that all live-action adaptations of animation were as good.

First off– except for the main character, Light– the casting was dead on. L, in particular, was just like the cartoon come to life. His body language was inspired, he must have watched the anime over and over. The main problem with Light was in wardrobe. The character of Light was a precocious, upright, and dare I say fancy lad. He played tennis and chess, aced all his classes, and aimed for a position in law or government. His hair and dress were always impeccable onscreen. However, the hair of the actor was often messy, his posture lax, and his clothes were too casual. I think if the actor had gotten better direction and wardrobe his skills would have compensated. Misa Misa, while physically not quite like her animate predecessor, was dressed and carried herself just like her… if not a little more badass, which made her more palatable. She made me want to dress a little gothy myself… I loved her footwear beyond reason.

The ending was somewhat better, as well. The way Light came to justice (Okay, that’s no spoiler, dramatic necessity required that he come to a bad end), was much more satisfying to me, personally. As much as I liked fantasizing about L’s origins and a clone-creche/orphanage that turned out freaky geniuses, I liked that they kept things simpler and between the principles.

Last, but not least, my favorite thing (things) were the shinigami themselves. Someone worked very hard on them, especially Ryuuk. Unlike many of the CGI actors, it did not detract from the movie or the Shinigami themselves if sometimes they did not look quite like they ‘belonged’ because they don’t. They were ‘not of this earth’ and the fact that they looked so perfectly like their pen-and-paper counterparts added to the surrealism of the situations. The interactions between Light and Ryuuk were seamless and natural.

I was jazzed to see the Death Note movies come to a theater so near to my fairly small city. Moreso was I jazzed to see that it got a pretty respectable crowd… although for the second one there was more ’emo kid’ audience members than before. Stands to reason, if I look objectively then it’s ‘their’ type of movie. Hot Topic was one of the sponsers.

Hot Topic is another story, entirely. If it weren’t for the somewhat attitudinal help there, I have to admit they sell some fun tees and shoes (I have a shoe thing, can you tell?). It’s a good thing there isn’t one in the immediate vicinity of my town, because I’d probably get even more of a rep shopping there.

Of course, like I said… another story for another time.

Where Have I Been?

Good question, huh? Well, mostly I’ve been procrastinating on the whole recording and accountability thing… and there was some flooding which kind of limited my working activity to things that might make the underground lair more watertight.

Other than that, though, I have a gorgeous skirt that was almost finished and a cute pair of house socks that was almost finished (both cases I ran out of yarn in the home stretch, but I have restocked now and should be finishing up and posting pics very soon). I also got some of that new Bernat’s glow in the dark yarn with which I made a dice bag for The Dude (he promptly swept it up, so I don’t have an image. It was just a drawstring bag, anyway). I have some left and am thinking about some lacy arm-covers because sometimes my inner goth comes peeking out. Likewise, I am in the process of an open-work tank with some yarn I picked up on sale earlier this summer. That skirt took way longer than I thought it would. I am, however, going to have to make it again with some different yarn… it’s got such possibilities.

Above and to the left is one of my other experiments: no-knead bread. I got a recipe earlier this summer and finally decided to try it. The bread itself is delicious, but so far most of my attempts have been, literally, a little flat. This isn’t such a bad thing as The Dude and I have considered that it would make a good pizza crust. I’ve gotten a few new pans to try things around in and I’ve gotten some advice to increase the success of ‘flavored’ breads as my one attempt at cinnamon bread was a definite fail.

For my birthday, I finally got my own sewing machine. It’s old, but top of the line and I think it’ll be a good starter. I do wish it weren’t so bulky and heavy. I need a table to work with it on. Right now I’m trying to come up with storage for my ‘extra’ monitors so as to use the #2 computer desk in my office for a sewing table. I don’t think I’ve ever used a sewing machine, but I look forward to the increased possibilities it offers.

I’m also jonesing hard after electronics lately. I have these ideas for solar panels that I just can’t get out of my head. I have this feeling I’m going to get dangerous this next year.

In similiar electronic news, the xBox that I snagged for almost nothing at a yardsale is problematic… I don’t know if it broke in storage or the little twerp lied to me. However I think I’ll make my money back on eBay even if my Xbox Media Center Mod idea is not going to be a go…

Win some, loose some.

More to come, friends.