What’s up Now

I’ve got two bit parts coming up in the Geek By Night podcast. Other than that, I’ve been fairly non-creative.

I really, really need to get the pictures off my phone of the sweaters that I finished. They came out well and I gave the cowlneck to my mom.

The house is finally coming together– by which I mean I’m finally pretty much box free. Only a year, wow.

Graphics-wise it has been a total no-show. I got bored with livejournal for the most part and therefore icons as well. I’ve played with a few layouts, but nothing to write home about. I’ve actually been pretty web-free that way. I’m thinking about doing a new fictional blog to get a feel for a character I’ve been thinking about and I’m trying to decide if I should go with wordpress or a tiddlywiki for it.

Gardening is now taking a chunk out of my day– I have many weeded areas to reform. Pics of those should come up if I get them off my phone the low-tech way soon.

On the writing front– I’ve neglected my prompts blog for over a month, and yet don’t feel as guilty as I might. Like I said, I’m thinking about the fictional blog. I’m still editing the NaNo novel– I think it needs an overhaul, but I don’t want to go too Kate Conner ripoff… or too Buffy ripoff, either. Working on my sidekicks novel and I have another idea mishmash percolating.

Now I need to get my finish on for one of them, huh?