This is the scrap afgan that I’ve been working on off and on for-freaking-ever. I’m only about 6 1/2 squares from completion and I figure to do it this week.

Bad pic, I know, but I decided to buzz around the place and take some quick pictures around the place… I’ll have to get the ones of my many many packed and stacked boxes off the phone to show so you can see what I’ve accomplished.

This is the first of my fabulous shelves in my new home. I’ve decided this is the predominately picture shelf set.

This is a work in progress, but I think one shelf will be mechanical toys, maybe one will be dragons… yeah.

You can’t see (bad lighting) but this will be mostly books. You can see the curio (which survived the move by a miracle) and some of the boxes that are just whoo… Still a lot of them. Speaking of which, I need to get back to that.

Style Sheet Adventures

Style-sheet-ified the site I’ve been working on. I can’t believe how ugly the code was before, and I’ve been looking at it for weeks. I think the client isn’t keen on the colors I picked, but that’s no big… I mean it’s a big, but it’s a big that’s a quick fix.

Other than that– I’ve been playing with color way too much, but not settling on any one thing. My mind is FRIED. We’re finally moving and the resulting flurry of activity is burning me right out for the moment.

Another Update Post

Still writing, or at least pre-writing.

I’m also doing major re-designs/designs on some old banners and sites and a site to sell/distribute templates, etc. At the very least I’m having fun playing with colors and graphics. is a great inspiration and help there. I love the ‘random pallette’ link. Left to my own devices I stick close to blues and pastel rainbows. Going with the random breaks me out of my comfort zone.

At least 75% done with the granny square afgan. I’ll post a pic of the completed project.

Just in Case…

Well, that’s over. I think things are going to work out after all– after one week of sheer hades with the bank and incompetence all around.

Been working on my newest scrap yarn afgan– as my scrap yarn is about the only thing still out. It’s about 60% finished. Show a pic of that when I’m on the other computer.

I’ve also been going through some old projects that I’m going to finish and revamp. Found a bunch of old prototype layouts that I’m anxious to mess with. I’m going to put together a portfolio both of my web design and my craft design.

I’ve been learning GIMP, too. It’s an interesting program. It’s not as convenient as PSP8, but it’s got some interesting functions.

I need to redo this site, but I actually rather like the default design and so when I look at it I just don’t get ideas.

Speaking of ideas, I got some serious inspiration from the trials and tribulations of my home buying experience. I’m working on a story again! GO ME! I’ve been sans inspiration for awhile, but that’s sort of over now. I’m doing some pre-writing now. See! Mom was right, things do work for the best when you have faith– even if I almost didn’t for awhile.