Finishing things

Script Frenzy is going along well, although every day I fear running into a dry well of narrative. I don’t want to go too Bionic Woman, but obviously there are similarities. I need more action and maybe a subplot… Must work on that.
Finally… I got the red afghan done. It wasn’t quite as big as I wanted it to be, but I wanted to give it to my husband’s aunt before she died… and she’s ill.
I’ve been thinking about redesigns… now that I finally got the columns going… but I’m not happy with any of my backgrounds yet.
I went icon nutty, too.

Of course, the ones made in paint, aren’t too good… but the idea… I can work from the idea. Icons are addictive.

Movie Propaganda and the continuance of my CSS adventure

Well… first my rather stumbling attempts at photoshopness. The first is my adaptation of a Worth 1000 gallery image for my Script Frenzy project. Quick-n-dirty, but I’m kind of proud of me.
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Much gratitude to the source material… I need to make my own that looks like how I imagine myleading lady cyborg, but it’s cute for an icon that’s all not-for-profit while I’m playing. I’m up to 3,000 words and just about to my big plot propellant, right on schedule.

I got my life blog to do about what I wanted… not quite satisfied, but pretty good for now. Probably be moving on to a new concept now.
Script Frenzy Progress -
And here’s my progress for following.