Computer Centric, but with a dash of Scripts!

I’ve been working on more online stuff. I’m still not happy with the footer of my life journal , but I’m stepping away for a few days. I think I’m going to move eventually to a different site, anyway. I also changed the background on my RPG journal, I got tired of the black… so I sort of went the other way. Colors ‘r’ me, I guess lately. I was having fun with the warp tool and the bubbles function on PaintShopPro8.

I was going to come through with pictures of my makeshift 15-minute curtains, but no… I really don’t think they picture that great, although they don’t look too bad in person.

Again Zayna Breaks Out, my Script Frenzy project is taking shape (as it should, gotta start real writing in a few days) and I look forward to burying myself in plots and wordcounts again. Bionic chicks adjusting to their powers and avenging ex-boyfriends ahoy!


I took another shot at making my old scanner work with my newer Windows XP computer. No go. I’ve been told by others that this is not uncommon. I’m disappointed nevertheless.

I’ve also been playing with making site backgrounds. The photoshop mania’s still running strong.
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Simple but, eh, I was sort of wanting stripes and too lazy to hunt for them.

Trying to pre-plot and cast my Script Frenzy ’07 project. I’m getting excited.

I almost forgot… the Great Blind Migration. Two of my horizontal blinds broke and I had to shift window treatments around and improvise some curtains from sheets. I think it looks fair, from the outside, anyway. It’ll do until I get some new. No pics. Later.


The workman was here, and I didn’t get a lot of ‘real’ work done, but I got another logo idea, it’s not quite what I envisioned (the MWS/chair) one, but it keeps the original vision in my mind for future work. I wish I were a better ‘by hand’ artist, so I could just draw what I wanted. It’s hard to find a chair and a font just like what I want.

Scripts, Gadgets, and Art.

I’ve switched plots twice in the past few days. I’ve finally got one I’m pretty excited about– bionics, murder, romance, it’s got it all. Of course it’s okay to keep switching until June comes around. Then I gotta stay still.

I got a new toy. It’s a card reader for SD memory cards and memory sticks, etc. It’s pretty damned cool, and avoids me having to try to outsmart my own devices (which I think wouldn’t work in the end… different formats and all).

Is it just me, or does everyone just get a high from solving a technical problem or getting a new device? I could go for days on something like that.


New writing project: Script Frenzy. I’m finally going to get serious about that screenplay. Not that I have an idea that’s glowingly good to me right now. hmmm…. might recycle characters from my old script I was working on for the college TV channel. That is, incidentally, where I met my husband. I think the website is new. We weren’t nearly so plugged in back in the day. We were also a little more gender balanced… ah well.

I released a new podcast yesterday. Didn’t think I would, but that’s a long story that can be read here. I don’t feel like getting into it again.

Afgan Progress Report: In spite of Sylvia’s repeated insistance that I not get busy or enjoy anything other than pettng her (I swear! She leaves me mostly alone until I begin to enjoy something like the computer, crochet, or reading) I’m making good progress.

Been working on some web layouts and icons, but I’ll show those when they’re complete… eh, I’ll show the icons. They’re my first tries. Images are from Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

Web Fun and just a touch of music

On the Mark Schwarm Equine Education tip: I got the FTP authorized and have been reorganizing the pictures. I’m pretty proud of myself, because I navigated the Christian Webhost administration screens without any sort of help. I put on my circlet and proclaimed myself ‘queen of the web.’

I released another podcast, mostly talking about my life this week. Been really sort of life-busy, lately with lots of running about.

I did take time to rip my new CDs to the computer and rename the files on the Luke Ski Trek-Wutchyalike CD because the files weren’t named on the cd. Gotta love some Luke. I’m working on the Star Wars: May the Farce be With You files, too. Lots of overlap with his old CDs, but some new stuff too… damn you Luke!

Of course, I’m still crocheting away on the afgan… My cat Sylvia, doesn’t want to let me. She comes and sits on it every time I pick it up.