Well, today, I finished a couple of things.

I fixed my red tank with built-in bra. The underwire was starting to poke out of one cup, and I sewed it back in… used properly colored thread and everything. This proves to me that I need a thimble. I thought I had one, but if I do, it wasn’t with the rest of my gear. So, that leads me to think: “next time I’m out, I need a thimble.”

Also, I used the furry blue yarn I got back around Christmas at the Hobby Lobby sale to make a small, slightly misshapen pillow. I crocheted it into a rough rectangle (it was really hard to work) over Easter weekend, and today I sewed it and stuffed it. It’s sitting right on my bed looking all cute and sorta lopsided.

It’s amazing, I feel just all kinds of accomplished. You know, my office job never made me feel this accomplished. I wish I knew how to make this feeling last and use it to make cash– like a living cash.