No Title, no point

I’m back on the crochet bandwagon again.

I’d put a lot of stuff away right after Christmas to tidy up some room for guests, but I got my Fluffy Afgan makings back out.

Last night I had car failure… hopefully this will help me relax. Hey, if it turns out nice, maybe I can even sell it. Well,  girl can dream.

Anyway, I’ve got a wicked migraine a-brewing, and need all the help I can get.

Link Madness

So… projects…

I finally tackled my favorites this week…. I’d gotten a ton of new links from a friend, and I had another ton I’d not really looked at in awhile.

So I went painstakingly through and checked them all. Then I arrainged them neatly in files. I am so happy when I look into my favorites now.

I am a complete geek.

I have however rediscovered some really cool sites. All excited now, I am.