The Inner Martha Stewart– be afraid!

Well I’m 60% done with the gloves.

Yesterday I was all about that wave of homemakerness that overtakes me during the holidays… I made cookies and muffins (from frozen dough and mixes) and some fudge. I cooked and cleaned up after myself. I was a kitchen goddess yesterday.

I also wrote entries for online RPGs. I was very tolerant of a player who’s overplaying his character.

Also, I wrapped presents, not a lot, but some.

So much the homemaker, I was.


Not in a resolution kind of way, though.

I’ve decided to revive this blog as a record of my projects. Now I’m aware that this will interest virtually no one, but then again you never know. Anyway, it’s not meant to interest anyone, but to be a convenient record and place of accountability so that I’ll finish some more things.

So right now my projects include:

  • Crocheting some gloves for presents (only one glove completed)
  • Wrapping Christmas presents (need some more bags and paper)
  • Crocheting a pretty lace doily thing (because I’ve never worked with the cotton string and tiny hooks)
  • Coming up with two new page designs (one for me and one for The Dude)
  • Finding a full time job with benefits and all that

That’s good enough for a start. More news on how that’s all coming for me, later.