My Vacuum Cleaner is broken (again). I suspect a broken belt, or at least I hope that’s what it is.

In other yesterday (and tomorr0w) news, I have an initial phone interview on Thursday. That’s good right? Of course it is. Just have to try not to get worked up about it. Gook luck, Patricia. I’m just naturally highly strung.

I notice how dirty my floors are so much more clearly now that I don’t have a vacuum to suck up things. . . or else I’m paranoid. . . I’m betting on paranoid, but it doesn’t stop me seeing the 12th bit of smutz today.

Scrap Yarn

As Bob is my witless I’m going to finally use up the piles of scrap yarn in my craft shelf. Then, I guess, instead of scrap yarn, I’ll have half finished blankets or something. . . ah well, no plan is perfect, right?