Crafty and Hazardous

I was very up yesterday. I was full of energy and purpose and pep. So of course I got all my DVDs put away, and vacuumed, and tried to put the glass in my curio cabinet.

Now that little curio has a long history. Last Christmas (’03) I was given it by my in-laws. I waited around for 3-5 months for someone (not hubby, hubby and I should not work together on projects like this) to come help one of us put it together. When it does happen, some of the glass is pre-broken, so it’s another 3-5 months while we try to get someone to sell us panes of glass. No one in my area will do this, at least not for me, which isn’t indicative, as I’ve shown before. The in-laws get some for us. Which is, of course slightly too large. So over the holidays they have it trimmed. I put it in yesterday. I try to anyway, and end up slicing my thumb. Not deep, but I look down and there’s all this blood on my hands and I freak. Anyway, the one fits (little wide, but workable), but the other isn’t square, it’s a parallelogram with angles of not equal to 90-degrees. That doesn’t work, so we need to go through it all again.

The funny part is that the cats had gotten used to the sides of this thing being open, and going and sitting on the floor of the curio cabinet. Now, they can’t because it’s against the side of the old desk and the side they can get to is not closed off by glass. Ryu (the #1 cat) spent huge amounts of time investigating this new situation. He’d nose at the new glass (“what’s this force field here?”). He’d attempt to open the doors (I think he can get those eventually). Then finally he discovered the open side. He’d stick his paw throughthe crack and try to push his face in. He was sure he could somehow use this to his advantage. Silly cat. Better than TV.

In other craft news: I finished my husband’s new scarf without injury, but it’s a little wide. Somehow it didn’t seem that way while I was making it. Very discouraging. I’m also halfway through a new hat for me. Might be a little bright, I’ve always feared bright colors for accessories. Colorphobe, that’s me.

First day of my ‘new’ New Year

Sure the new year started the Saturday before last, but I spent last week recovering from a virtual 2 weeks of solid travel, so I’m starting mine today. I’m starting motivated and hard working. We’ll see what goes on from there.

I was going somewhere with this, but I forget now. Not a good sign.