Next Project?

Made it. I won NaNoWriMo! I’m going to join another writing community. It’s great to write, I could even be good, too if I had time to work on it.

Other projects completed: Jacket and hat for my new neice. Stuffed dog for Grandmother-in-law , poncho for myself and oldest niece. I am a completion machine.

How sad is this?

Most of my word count today came from more headlines and article excerpts concerning the conclusion of my novel, an epilogue, and the cast list for the movie (thank you, Robert Rankin).

I’m just milking this idea like the last bit of toothpaste in the tube. The toothpick of literary devices is about to break from the strain of pressing in on the toothpaste of creativity.

Heck, even my metaphors are getting pathetic.

The Final Stretch (and stretch it will be)

I’m at the 42,000 mark and it’s going to be uphill all the way. I have got to get something going, here.

Going forward linearly isn’t working anymore. I did as someone on the message boards suggested and started an epilogue. It got me a bunch of words and some extra background on my characters. I’m going to have to do something pretty spiffy to get those last 8,000 words. Maybe I’m going to have to cheat and do some kind of time-loop flashback. Exerpts from dream sequences? I don’t know, but I’m going to have to exercise my creativity to it’s fullest. I’m too close to not win this year, dang it!

Day 15 wrap up

Well I’m over 30,000 now. I’m up to 31,424 to be exact. I’ve got to recapture what was going to happen after the ‘premature ending’ part. I have not motivation to do anything, literary or otherwise, today, but I’m going to bull on through. 15 minutes at a time (Thank you Fly Lady!) and it will go.

Over halfway and not a plot in sight

Word Count: 27,105

My ‘plot’ if that’s what you call it is accelerating too fast now, I made it too easy to find out where the villains were hiding. I’m going to have to make it harder to get there or something. I have cleverly made some of the beginning relevant again. Ha, I say, I didn’t abandon it after all, suckers!

Writing like this, a set amount every day, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes, is good for me. Gives me discipline that I’ve been wondering if I had. Gives me what I’ve been seeking, but haven’t been able to make myself find or do since quitting my job. Next project: A better web portfolio.

Go ME!

Dragging my (literary, figurative) feet

I’m meeting my daily deadlines, but only by a couple of hundred each day. It’s insane. I push and push and 2000 words is about my crop. I’m going to barely make it, if I don’t get in gear. I guess make it is the important part, though.

I thought I had a story starting, but what I’ve got is some plot holes sewn together with silly string. Today, they listened to a government agent spew about the history of the Hammer, and why Brent is such a candidate for bad things to happen to him. Then we had a section on the band’s pre-concert rituals (No sacrificing of chickens there).

*Sssiiiggghhh* I need me a focus. Something to keep it from just dragging out of me like tortured Molasses.

Ah, well, maybe tomorrow.

Puking out the words. . .

It’s starting to be a struggle. Today I decided that each of the heroes would be spending time alone with their thoughts prior to going out to face their actions and hunt down their enemy. Journals, thoughts, ruminations. AKA Spacefillers. Hoping really that maybe something usable would come of it. I hit 14,606 words. Go Me! Still on schedule. Still trying to make something usable. Did a semi-gratuitous ‘sex’ scene to see what that would be like.

I’m doing way, way too much sitting. Buttock’s getting sore.

I made the mistake of surfing while writing to distract me from the lack of ideas that last couple of times I sat down to write. I think that contributed to the sore butt thing.

Day 4 of NaNo on deck

I’ve revised my word count goals to reflect the fact that I probably won’t get much done over Thanksgiving, unless my hubby lets me use his computer. Even then, I just don’t have it in me to sit in my In-Laws house among family and ignore them, typing away.

I’m meeting my goals, though, I’m up over 8,000 words. My plot’s week, and I’m had been leaning on my “Illuminati Card Prompts” a little too much, but I think a plot’s all of a sudden pulled itself out of that little box. WHOOHOO!

I might just find something to salvage in there come December or January after all.

Now if only I had a better sense of the other band members in the book.

May the Plot Be With You

I’m giving up on Benrik for a month to do my Nano. I’m currently on 2,403 words. Maybe they are words of crap, but I’m bulling ahead. I am imagining that this thing will spontaneously morph into a different novel on the thinnest of excuses to tie them all together at least once. Random plot threads will come and go in the night, but at the core, I feel sure will be something I can be proud of and edit into something completely nifty.

Isn’t it cool how positive I am and motivated to boot on day ONE?

Talk to me next week and see what the score is.

(GOAL: 1,667 — CURRENT: 2,403)